Journal Entry: Choon Yong-10/14/2023-Visitation Doris, Karlee, Chris

Journal Entry

10/14/2023 Saturday daily diary from Atwater Camp.
Woke up at 5:30 AM. Made up my bed, cleaned up and changed to BOP uniform and made a cup of coffee. Stretched, drank my coffee and watched the local news and weather report, high temperature for today is 83 degrees F. Started walking at 6:20 AM. Breakfast was served at 6:25 AM. Breakfast menu: Oatmeal, Bread and an apple.

Plan for today:

  1. Stretch.
  2. Call Doris.
  3. Email daily diary for 10/13/2023.
  4. Walk 6 miles.
  5. Yoga.
  6. Split Stretch.
  7. Quotations.
  8. ACE Classes Neuroscience 2 4-4:30 PM, African History 5-5:30 PM and Entrepreneurship 6-6:30 PM.
  9. Healthy Mind and Bodies 7-8 PM.

Finished walking 6 miles at 8:00 AM. The first four miles was completed in 50 minutes 42 seconds and the final two miles was completed in 23 minutes 56 seconds. Average time for first four miles was 12 minutes 11 seconds per mile or 2 minutes 7 seconds per lap. Final 2 miles was 11 minutes 59 seconds per mile or 2 minutes per lap. The first four miles was a good pace but the final two miles was fast as I was sweating profusely. The sun rise was beautiful with some light clouds in the sky. Beautiful start to a Saturday morning. Stretched at the basket ball court, did my split stretches too. Practiced yoga in the morning sun. Went through most of my poses and ended with the split stretches. I could feel and see the improvement in my flexibilities. Lunch was served at 9:50 AM. Luncheon menu: Pork sandwich, carrot, fries and a banana. Tried to call Doris but no answer, she was on her way. Census count at 10:00 AM. Showered at 10:40 AM. Talked to Doris at 10:40 AM: they are on their way. They are driving Chris SUV. Probably arriving in about 30 minutes. Doris, Karlee and Chris arrived at the visitation room at 11:45 AM. All of them looked good and felt well. Karlee and Chris have been busy with their work. I told them of my ServSafe results and Chris recommended Rubicon bakery in Richmond as they hire ex inmates with certification in ServSafe. I told they I received birthday cards from Siew Lan, Eric and Doris and Karlee’s email that she is sending a couple of books to me. Chris will turn off the sprinkler systems in the house for the season. They asked abut the pool of water form the tankless water heater overflow. I told them that is was normal and the flow will vary. Patches will be here for a few months from November to January 2024. Francis will be moving in next week. Doris had to pay Social security $3000 and they rejected her hardship plea. I told her to pay Social security off to get rid of the problem. Asked Chris to log into my brokerage account to see what stocks and quantity I owned in my Charles Schwab account. I needed the information to know where i stand when I have to pay for restitution. They asked about my release date. I told them my plans are: Update my Release plan before December’s Unit Team Meeting so I could have a good review and start earning 15 days per month instead of 10 days per month. Then in February , we will request out lawyer to request a reduction in sentencing (zero point charge) and later request elderly inmate early release or one year home confinement. My assessment without zero point charge, worst case is December 2025 and best case is December 2024. And with zero point charge, my release date will be expedited hopefully before December 2024. That is the reason I have been working hard, educating my self, learning new skills while being incarcerated. When I have my unit team meeting, I will have something to substantiate my efforts, also when we request my sentencing reduction, my hard work will be presented to the judge for her consideration. Also these information will be shared with my probation officer too. i told them I have been practicing the split and it has improved my flexibilities, I expect to be able to do the split before Christmas. It will also build my confidence. Karlee liked my book report on the split. We enjoyed the visitation, they left at 2:45 PM. Doris is walking better, her gait has improved. Even the CO commented on it, albeit she was walking slower because she was sitting too long. Good productive visitation. I told them the AAPI will have a dinner party for me tomorrow for my birthday.
Dinner was served at 3:10 PM. Dinner menu: Roast beef, Carrots, mashed potatoes and bread. Census count at 3:30 PM. ACE Classes Neuroscience 2 4-4:30 PM, African History 5-5:30 PM and Entrepreneurship 6-6:30 PM. Healthy mind and Body 7-8 PM. Worked on my Spanish lessons in between classes. Census count at 8:00 PM. Census count at 8:30 PM. Cleaned up at 9:00 PM. Final Census count at 9:30 PM. Went to bed at 10:00 PM.
Today was a really good day: Doris, Karlee and Chris are well and we had a great visitation. We enjoyed my birthday party with Dr Pepper, Kit Kat, Chip and Grape soda. Walked 6 miles, Practiced Yoga and Split stretch. ACE and EBRR Classes.

Clementina Stirling Graham: The best way to get the better of temptation is just to yield to it.

Books Read: 21 Books, Book Reports: 21 Reports, Target: 150 Books.
ACE Classes: 30 Classes, ACE Class Reports: 19 Reports, Target: 100 Classes.
EBRR Classes: 10 Classes, EBRR Class Reports: 8 Reports.
Miles Walked Today: 6 Miles, Cumulative Mileage: 687 Miles, Target: 9000 Miles.

Martha Graham: Dance is the hidden language of the soul.