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Resources for people to prepare for success upon release from prison.


Intergenerational Recidivism

People in prison need more resources to prepare for success upon release. While months turn into years, and years turn into decades, people fall further behind. Families suffer. Communities suffer.

Some people lack insight into how the world changes during the time that sentences separate them from society. They do not know the challenges they will face in the employment market. As recidivism rates show, many people leave correctional facilities less likely to function in society than when they began serving the sentence. 


Our team collaborates with prison administrators to offer our course Preparing for Success after Prison (PSAP). The Bureau of Prisons approved this course as a First Step Act “Productive Activity,” with SENTRY Code PSAP; the California Department of Corrections approved this course as a Milestone Completion Credit, in the Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP), reference CCR Title 15, Section 3043.3, Code IP 10134.

Constrained budgets limit the amount of coursework available for all the people that want to participate in the courses that we produce. Waiting lists for people who want to participate in our self-directed courses exceed several thousand people.

People in prison thirst for more self-directed courses that will help them use time inside to prepare for success outside.

We Can Help!

Building collaborations between government, employers, citizens


Memorializing Release Plans

We help people in prison receive lessons and courses to memorialize how they’re preparing for success upon release. We create and distribute new lessons daily. Those lessons prompt ideas people can use to prepare for success upon release.

Our lessons show how living a values-based, goal-oriented life puts them on a
pathway toward reconciliation with society and employment upon release.
Through active participation, scholarship recipients:

  • Get to memorialize their release plans transparently,
  • Receive daily lessons to prompt their self-directed learning,
  • Open opportunities to find mentors,
  • Show their efforts to reconcile with society, and
  • Position themselves to secure employment before their release.



Our company, Earning Freedom, covers all costs associated with maintaining the Prison Professors Talent website.

We’re committed to helping people in prison prepare for success upon release.

We’re inviting others to join these efforts to help people in prison prepare for success upon release. We use 100% of the resources that come into this website for the following activities:

  • Distribute books and courses for people in prison at a 30% discount to the Amazon price,
  • Donate books and courses to jails and prisons,
  • Cover the costs of maintaining the Prison Professors Talent website at no cost to participants.

To comply with strict IRS Rules and California rules, WE CANNOT USE THIS WEBSITE TO SOLICIT DONATIONS to support the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation until and unless we become a “Commercial Coventurer.” To register for such status, we will need to post a $25,000 bond, and pay significant legal fees. If we choose to pursue that path in the future, we will make updates to this website.

If anyone wants information on how to volunteer with or support the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Michael Santos directly:


For due diligence to learn more about the mission of the nonprofit, please use the following links to access that information:

For clarity, the Prison Professors Talent website (PPT) is NOT a part of the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation, nor is the website a “Commercial Coventurer” registered with the California Attorney General. 

Sponsorship resources allow us to distribute more books and courses to people in prison, irrespective of their ability to pay the costs of that distribution. More than 300,000 people in jails and prisons across America access our courses through our direct relationships with institutions and through our relationship with the Edovo tablet company. Many of those students request additional resources. To the extent that businesses and individuals provide sponsorship, we can provide books and courses to people working to prepare for success upon release—at no charge to the people serving sentences.



Sponsor a student and monitor the student’s progress toward preparations for success upon release by viewing individual profiles:

  • Monthly sponsorship: $15 per month per scholarship recipient
  • Annual sponsorship: $120 per year per scholarship recipient

Contributions cover the costs of web maintenance, interns, and softcover that we publish and distribute at the same price institutions pay, which is a 30% discount to the retail price on Amazon. All resources support our ongoing advocacy, of working to improve outcomes for justice-impacted people; we provide resources they can use to work toward returning to society with jobs and opportunities to prosper.

Collaborate with us to resolve intergenerational cycles of recidivism.

Connect to Sponsor Students

We rely upon our relationships with prison administrators to identify qualified recipients for scholarships. People in prison may also reach out to express their interest in receiving a scholarship.

Recipients of scholarships receive softcover books, and opportunities to memorialize their preparations for success through the scholarship section of our website:

Recipients who have access to email systems, such as the Corrlinks or TruLinks system, will receive daily lessons to prompt their preparations for success upon release.

Our dedicated interns retrieve email correspondence from each participant and populate the recipient’s profile.

Subscribe to a recipient’s profile to receive updates as each student works to prepare for success upon release.


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