Journal Entry: Choon Yong-10/04/2023-No Commissary Day

Journal Entry

10/4/2023 Wednesday daily diary from Atwater Camp.
Woke up at 5:30 AM. Made up my bed, cleaned up, changed to BOP uniform and made a cup of coffee. Stretched, drank my coffee and watched the local news and weather report, high temperature for today is 87 degrees F. Started walking at 6:08 AM. Breakfast was served at 6:10 AM. Breakfast menu: Oatmeal, muffin and an apple.

Plan for Today:

  1. Stretch.
  2. Call Doris.
  3. Email daily diary for 10/3/2023.
  4. Walk 6 miles.
  5. Quotations.
  6. ACE Classes Parenting 4-4:30 PM, Addiction 5-5:30 PM and Impossible Physics 6-6:30 PM.
  7. Talking with your Doctor 7-8 PM.
  8. Commissary Day.

Unfortunately the commissary was canceled because of the CO in charge was late, maybe they will try it again tomorrow. Finished walking 6 miles at 8:00 AM. Stretched on the basketball court until 8:20 AM. Time for walking 6 miles was 1 hour 15 minutes and 48 seconds. Averaged 2 minutes 7 seconds per lap (Vuelta) or 12 minutes 42 seconds per mile (Milla). Not a bad pace at all. The morning started dark and cold, before the sun was out. The beautiful sky over the horizon with shades of pastel colors with hue of Yellow and Fuchsia as the sun rose. The sunrise was spectacular with no cloud to shield it. The walk was nice and refreshing with a slow pace to warm up in the first three miles. The final three miles was at a faster pace. Counted my laps (Vuelta) in Spanish, Started with uno to Treinta y seis (36) or (o) Seis Milla (miles). It is good to practice while walking on the trail. Worked up at pretty walk and a good sweat. The stretch in the morning sunshine was refreshing and felt good. Dried up and changed to dried T-shirt. Showered at 9:20 AM and changed to BOP uniform. replied to Doris’s email, requested that she locate my release plan, so I could update it for my December Unit Team Meeting. Lunch was served at 10:10 AM. Luncheon menu: Hamburger, fries and an apple. Talked to Doris at 10:30 AM: Doris is well but her breathing was hard, I told her to use her nebulizer if she needed to relieve her breathing. The dogs are well. The SUV had a blowout, and she had to change all four tires for $900 at Big O Tires. I am glad she and Diana were safe. Mava is coming over to haul the cuttings to the dump, I told her it would cost about $40-$50 to dump a load. I told her she should keep the cutting in the side gate and them into the Brown and Green containers, over the next few weeks to save money. Or Mava or Kein can compress the cuttings to fit more into the bins. I asked her to find my release plan on hers or my computer’ I need to update the plan to reflect all the work, training, the certificates, Book report, class reports and keeping healthy and out of trouble. The updates should help my Unit Team Meeting in December. I intended to give a copy of my plan to my counselor and case manager. Also the revised plan can be used as a tool to help reduce my sentencing in February and also to communicate with my probations officer and Half Way House staff. I told her to make sure she gets enough sleep and stop ruminating about things that might not happen. She needs to rest to avoid anxiety and depression. I told her I was repurposing some oversized winter clothes to fit me, so I could keep warm. Also I will be busy working on my Spanish lesson because Ms Hubbard will allow me to tutor the Hispanic students GED and ESL if I could speak Spanish, that’s why I am trying to learn Spanish. Went to sewing room to sew and worked on my class report and Spanish lessons. Washed my laundry at 12:00 PM. Laundry was completed at 1:50 PM. back to the unit at 3:00 PM. Dinner was served at 3:15 PM. Dinner menu: Spaghetti, pizza and salad. Census count at 3:30 PM. ACE classes Parenting 4-4:30 PM, Addiction 5-5:30 PM and Impossible Physics 6-6:30 PM. Talking with your doctor 7-8 PM. Worked on my Spanish lessons between classes. Census count at 7:10 PM. Census count at 8:00 PM. Cleaned up at 8:30 PM. Final Census count at 9:30 PM. Went to bed at 10:00 PM.
Today was a good day: Doris is well. The dogs are well. Doris and Diana were safe after the tire blowout. Mava cleaned the front yard. Walked 6 Miles. No commissary today.

Mahatma Gandhi: Non violence is the first article of my faith. It is also the last article of my creed.

Books Read: 19 Books, Book Reports: 19 Reports, Target: 150 Books.
ACE Classes: 30 Classes, ACE Class Reports: 17 Reports, Target: 100 Classes.
EBRR classes: 10 Classes, EBRR Class Reports: 5 Reports.
Miles Walked today: 6 Miles, Cumulative Mileage: 627 Miles, Target: 9000 Miles.

Ed Gardner: Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.