Journal Entry: Choon Yong-08/14/2023-Book Report The Complete Yoga

Journal Entry

8/14/2023 Monday Daily Diary from Atwater Camp.
Woke up at 5:00 AM. Made up my bed, cleaned up, changed to BOP uniform, and made a cup of coffee. Stretched, drank my coffee, and watched the local news and weather channel, high temperature for today is 103 Degrees F. Started the first load of wash at 5:20 AM. Started walking at 6:10 AM. Breakfast was served at 6:20 AM. Breakfast menu: Oatmeal, Roll, Apple, and Punch.

Plan for today:

  1. Stretch.
  2. Call Doris.
  3. Email daily Diary for 8/13/2023.
  4. Walk 6 Miles.
  5. Yoga.
  6. Quotations.
  7. ACE Classes Philosophy and Existentialism 4-4:30 PM and Art History 5-5:30 PM.
  8. Daily Diary 8/14/2023.
  9. Book Report The Complete Yoga Course.

Finished walking 6 miles by 8:40 AM. It was a cloudy day and was cool in the morning. Refreshing walk amid the squirrels, rabbits, and frogs. Stretched and practiced Yoga until 9:30 AM. the Yoga practice was good but my mind was not into it compared to the practice on the weekend, maybe I was in a rush to do the laundry. Will was reassigned to the warehouse, so I had to take care of the laundry all by myself. Also, I was informed by Counselor Reyes that there will be three new inmates joining us today. Talked to Counselor Reyes about the Hangers and my IFRP, which was supposed to be deducted in July, he will look into it. 10:30 AM Lunch was served. Luncheon menu: Fries, ground meat, cheese, banana, and punch. Called Doris at 10:45 AM: She has just got back from her appointment with Dr Scott Lee. Dr. lee was happy that her eye pressure has gone down and the glare in her eyes will slowly subside. The next appointment is for three months. She will be going to see Dr. Jasmine Lee at 1:00 PM for her weekly Asthma shot. She did not have any attack after the last shot from Dr Lee. She texted Thomas Johnson about the restitution but did not have any reply yet. She will contact Michael Santos for advice about the restitution. Bobo is well and trotting around the yard. I told her to apply the ointment twice a day on her. She told me she accidentally sent the money twice to my commissary account. I asked her to be careful and maybe send $100 instead of $300 each time. I will check with Counselor Reyes about my IFRP of $58 which was supposed to be deducted from my account starting in July. Completed book report on ” The Complete Yoga Course.” Sent Book Report to Prison Professor and Doris at 1:00 PM. Signed documents to start deducting $58 a month for my IFRP obligations. They will deduct it from my commissary account. The counselor activated the deduction, but it was not activated until today. Completed all inmate laundry at 1:30 PM. Chan delivered three new mattresses for the new inmates. Processed three new inmates from 1:40 – 2:30 PM. Issued them: blankets, towels, socks, boxers, t-shirts, shirts, pants, washcloths, belts, laundry bags, and jackets. One of the inmates was an AAPI from Richmond California. Exchanged 5 t-shirts, 2 towels, 2 wash towels, and 2 large shirts, and sewed his ripped pant for Willie. Exchanged a large-sized shirt for a medium-sized shirt for Eric. Census count at 3:30 PM. Dinner was served after the count. Dinner menu: Chicken fried rice, beans, green beans, and punch. ACE classes – Philosophy and Existentialism 4-4:30 PM and History of Art 5-5:30 PM. I learn about the difference between Baroque and Rococo Art, very interesting and different styles of painting. Read in the library in between classes from 4:30- 7:00 PM. Gave a pair of used tennis shoes to Kia, some Ramen noodles, Snacks, Chorizo beans, snack nuts, soap, toilet paper, and a pillow to welcome him. Cleaned up at 8:00 PM. Census Count at 8:10 PM. Census count at 9:00 PM. Final Census count at 9:30 PM. Went to bed at 10:00 PM. I must have written extensively, I have gone through three notebooks and 8 pens since I arrived at Atwater camp.

Today was a good: Doris is well and Bobo is also doing well. Resolved my IFRP with Counselor Reyes $58 per month. Walked 6 Miles. Stretched and practiced Yoga. ACE Classes. Completed book report for The Complete Yoga course.

Jeremy Bentham: Every law is contrary to liberty

Books read: 12, Book reports: 12 reports, Target: 150 books.
ACE Classes: 19 classes, ACE class reports: 0 report, Target: 100 classes.
EBRR Classes: 4 Classes, EBRR Class Reports: 2 reports.
Miles walked today: 6 miles, Cumulative mileage: 331 miles, Target: 9000 Miles.

Hector Berliot: Time is a great teacher but unfortunately kills all his pupils.