Journal Entry: Choon Yong-03/03/2024-2 ACE Class examinations

Journal Entry

Woke up at 5:40 AM. Made up my bed, cleaned up and changed to BOP uniform and made a cup of coffee. Stretched, drank my coffee and watched the local news and weather reports, high temperature for today is 59 degrees F. Started walking at 6:20 AM. Breakfast was served at 6:40 AM. Breakfast menu: grits, muffin, apple and water.

Plan for today:

  1. Stretch.
  2. Call Doris.
  3. Check email from Doris.
  4. Email daily diary for 3/2/2024.
  5. Walk 6 miles.
  6. Split stretch.
  7. Quotations.
  8. ACE Classes – Geography Asia 5-5:30 PM, and Oceanography 2 6-7 PM (Hosting).

It rained all night and in the early morning, but stopped at 4-5 AM. The dawn sky was filled with thick clouds over the Sierras but the mid and Western sky were clear. The half moon was in the mid sky amid the dark blue sky. As the morning progressed., the rabbits in the field left, but Lebron the rabbit was hanging out by the basketball court. The sky grey lighter the dark clouds edges were tinted with yellow cream colors by the sun. The cloud started rolling in from the West and eventually, the sky was completely covered with thick clouds. The sun managed to peek through amid the clouds but only briefly before it was covered by the thick cumulus clouds. Finished walking 6 miles at 8:10 AM, in 1 hour 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Average walking times were: 11 minutes and 14 seconds per mile (milla) or 45 seconds per lap (vuelta). Stretched and split stretched at the basketball court until 8:40 AM. Had some popcorn and apples for snacks. Lunch was served at 9:30 AM. Luncheon menu: scrambled eggs, toast with syrup, banana and water. Census count at 10:00 AM. Talked to Doris at 10:10 AM: Doris is well and rested up. The dogs are well and feisty as usual. Doris closed the ring again yesterday for the 41st consecutive days. She walked 7885 steps, 14.5 Inches step length and 84% symmetry. Doris is confident that she will close the ring again today, as it is a routine for her. I told her Lebron the rabbit was out by the basketball court again and I fed it some apple cores. The weather is cold and sunny in the Bay Area. the weather is cloudy over in Atwater and I completed my 6 miles walk, while the weather was clear. Doris will do her walking in the house and will watch the GSW / Celtics game today. I told her I will host the Oceanography 2 class today and attend another class. I will be busy with class reports, book reports and Spanish classes. I will call her again tonight. Went to the library to work on my class and book reports. Showered at 11:00 AM and changed to BOP uniform. Had a short nap. Went to library to read and Spanish lessons 2:30-3:30 PM. Back to the unit at 3:30 PM. Census count at 3:30 PM. Dinner was served after the count. Dinner menu: BBQ chicken, buns, Cole slaw, baked potatoes and water. We had our final examinations for Effective Writing and Geography Asia. Hosted the ACE Class Oceanography 2 6-7 PM. Census count at 7:30 PM. Census count at 8:30 PM. Cleaned up at 9:00 PM. Final Census count at 9:30 PM. Went to bed at 10:00 PM.

Today was a good day: Doris is well. The dogs are well. Doris walked 7885 steps, step length was 14.5 Inches and symmetry was 84%. This was the 41st consecutive days she closed her ring on her iPhone app. She was confident that she can close the ring daily. Walked 6 Miles and split stretched. Lebron the rabbit was out in the basketball court. Hosted the ACE Class – Oceanography 2 and completed examinations for two ACE Classes.

Nancy Reagan: A woman is like a tea bag – only in hot water do you realize how strong she is.

Books Read: 27 Books, Book Reports: 27 Reports, Target: 150 Books.
ACE Classes: 51 Classes, ACE Class Reports: 42 Reports, Target: 100 Classes.
EBRR Classes: 13 Classes, EBRR Class Reports: 13 Reports.
Miles walked today 6 Miles, Cumulative Mileage 1500 Miles, Target: 9000 Miles.

Ronald Reagan: I now begin the journey that will lead into the sunset of my life.