Journal Entry: Choon Yong-01/26/2024-Visitation on Saturday

Journal Entry

1/26/2024 Friday daily diary from Atwater Camp.
Woke up at 5:30 AM. Made up my bed, cleaned up, changed to BOP uniform and made a cup of coffee. Stretched, drank my coffee and watched the local news and weather report, high temperature for today is 59 degrees F. Started walking at 6:25 AM. Breakfast was served at 6:10 AM. Breakfast menu: Oatmeal, muffin, an apple and water.

Plan for Today:

  1. Stretch.
  2. Call Doris.
  3. Check email from Doris.
  4. Email daily diary for 1/25/2024.
  5. Walk 6 Miles.
  6. Split Stretch.
  7. Quotations.
  8. ACE classes = Benelux Countries 5-5:30 PM and the Art of Public speaking 6-6:30 PM.
  9. GED/ ESL Tutoring 12:00 – 2:30 PM.

Finished walking6 miles at 7:50 AM, in 1 hour 17 minutes and 40 seconds. Average walking times were: 12 minutes and 15 seconds per mile (milla) or 49 seconds per lap (vuelta). The morning started out dark and cool, in the 40’s with a slight breeze. The big round moon was in the Western sky. As the dawn sky emerged, there were bands of clouds over the Sierras, clear sky and followed by thick clouds in the middle and upper sky. It was a display of various colors: bright red over the Sierras, layered with a band of light grey clouds, baby blue sky and dark grey clouds with its underside illuminated with a shad of peach fuzz. The contrasting colors grew more dramatic as the morning progressed. As the sun emerged. the big reddish orange sphere turn the upper clouds to a tint of peach color, it was dramatic sight. Finished walking and started stretching at the basketball court until 8:20 AM. Cleaned the computer room. Has some donuts, an apple and celery for snacks. Counselor Reyes informed me that there will be two self surrender inmates joining us today. Showered at 9:00 and changed to BOP uniform. Went to the sewing room to tidy up and prepared bus bags. Talked to Doris at 9:50 AM: Doris is well , so are the dogs. She walked 6700 steps, 15.7 inches step length and her symmetry was down to 72%. She was surprised that she exceeded the 5000 steps. She was surprised that I finished the repairs yesterday, I told her we were more proficient with the sewing machine. She cleaned the dog poop, put the garbage containers out on the curb, laundry and cleaned up her room. She was reorganizing her room. i told her we were supposed to get 2 new self surrender inmates today.. I will have ACE Classes and GED/ESL tutoring. The weather is nice in the Bay Area, I suggested that she go out to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air. She will talk to Annie later and let me know if they are visiting tomorrow. She will email me or I will call her tonight to confirm their visitation. Lunch was served at 10:10 AM. Luncheon menu: Fried fish filet, rice, Cole slaw, spinach, an apple and water. Exchanged 3-3X T shirts and 5 pairs of socks for John. Went to the warehouse to secure inventory. John Liu delivered the inventory to the sewing room and picked up the repaired uniforms for the penitentiary. GED/ ESL Tutoring 12- 2:30 PM. Several students were picking up the Algebra well. Mrs. Hubbard came by to deliver more good news about students passing more GED subjects. Washed a my laundry and Green uniform at 1:15 AM. We had our lunch at 3:10 PM. Dinner menu: ground meat salad, soup, mixed vegetables and water. Census count at 3:30 PM. Finished my laundry at 4:00 PM. Checked email form Doris: She walked 6700 steps, 15.7 inches step length and her symmetry was down to 72%. She exceeded her goal of 5000 steps. Quang’s dental appointment went well and hey will bring Doris to visit me tomorrow. ACE classes Benelux Countries 5-5:30 PM and Public speaking 6-6:30 PM. Finished washing the Green uniform at 7:00 PM. Census count at 7:30 PM. Census count at 8:30 PM. Cleaned up at 9:00 PM. Final Census count at 9:30 PM. Went to bed at 10:00 PM.
Today was a good day: Doris is well, so are the dogs. She exceeded her daily goals for steps and step length. She will be visiting me tomorrow. Walked 6 miles and stretched. Attended ACE Classes. Good GED/ESL tutoring classes.

Laurence J. Peter: In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.

Books Read: 26 Books, Book Reports: 26 Reports, Target: 150 Books.
ACE Classes: 43 Classes, ACE Class Reports: 38 Reports, Target: 100 Classes.
EBRR Classes: 13 Classes, EBRR Class Reports: 13 Reports.
Miles Walked Today: 6 Miles, Cumulative Mileage: 1281 Miles, Target: 9000 Miles.

Henrie Philippe Petaini: To write one’s memoirs is to speak ill of everyone except oneself.