Journal Entry: Choon Yong-01/17/2024-Good GED Classes

Journal Entry

1/18/2024 Thursday daily diary from Atwater Camp.
Woke up at 5:40 AM. Made up my bed, cleaned up, changed to BOP uniform, and made a cup of coffee. Stretched, drank my coffee and watched the local news and weather report, high temperature for today is 54 degrees F. Started walking at 6:15 AM. Breakfast was served at 6:20 AM. Breakfast menu: oatmeal, muffin, apple and water.

Plan for today:

  1. Stretch.
  2. Call Doris.
  3. Check email from Doris.
  4. Email daily diary for 1/17/2024.
  5. Walk 6 miles.
  6. Split stretch.
  7. Quotations.
  8. ACE Classes Infectious Disease 5-6 PM (Hosting) and Effective Writing 6-6:30 PM.
  9. GED / ESL tutoring 12-2:30 PM.

Talked to Doris last night: Doris just finished her dinner and was getting ready for bed. She is walking a lot better and the swelling has gone down. She is keeping up with icing, rolling, pain medication, ankle brace and soaking it in the herbs from Dr Jing. She was able to function around the house and took care of the dogs. I told her the email system is still down, hopefully it will be fixed soon. She told me she sent me a lot of emails but I could not access them. She still has not heard from Kein about when they are coming to visit me. She will notify me when she hears anything. She heard Francis coming home. She was already in bed. I told her I had a busy day with sewing, GED/ ESL , ACE Classes and Spanish Lessons.
The morning started out dark and cold. The morning walk was interrupted by the 7:00 AM Fog Census count. Today was commissary day but I did not buy anything from the store as I have limited storage for food. The thick dense for turned from black to dark grey to lighter grey as the morning progressed. The rabbits were grazing on the field. Finished walking at 8:30 AM. Brought some cleaned uniforms to the laundry room for repairs and sizing. Put away uniform and took inventory of needs for the laundry room. Cleaned the computer room. The email system is still down. Showered at 9:10 AM ab changed to BOP uniform. talked to Doris at 9:50 AM: Doris is well and her ankle is getting back to normal but her heel was bruised. She is continuing with the routine: icing, rolling, apply analgesic ointment, soaking in herbs and use the ankle brace. She was able to walk without her cane, even though it was still painful. She walked about 3500 steps, 12.5 Inches step length and 82 % symmetry. That is good progress for her, just hope she continue to improve. She told me that Kein will not be able to come to visitation because he has a big order. Annie and Quang might come by to visit in few weeks. I told her I will be busy with GED/ ESL and ACE Classes tonight and my Spanish Lessons. i will try to call her again tonight. Lunch was served at 10:20 AM. Luncheon menu: 2 hot links, garnishments, mixed vegetables, banana and water. Went to the library to work on my Spanish lessons. GED / ESL tutoring 12: 00 – 2:30 PM. Good GED / ESL lessons, turned on the lights for a few students for Algebra. Census count at 3:30 PM. Dinner was served after the count. Dinner menu: chefs salad, beet, soup, bread and water. ACE Classes – Introduction to infectious Disease 5-6 PM (Hosting) and Effective Writing 6-6:30 PM. Census count at 8:30 PM, Census count at 9:00 PM. Cleaned up at 9:10 PM. Final Census count at 9:30 PM. Went to bed at 10:00 PM.
Today was a good day: Doris is well and her ankle feels better. She was able to function around the house. She will not be able to visit me this weekend as Kein has an order to fulfil. Walked 6 miles and stretched. Good GED / ESL classes. Hosted and attended ACE Classes. Doris is walking well again.

Dorothy Parker: There’s a hell of a distance between wise- cracking and wit. Wit has truth in it: wise cracking is simply calisthenics with words.

Books Read: 26 Books, Book Reports: 26 Reports, Target: 150 Books.
ACE Classes: 43 Classes, ACE Class Reports: 38 Reports, Target: 100 Classes.
EBRR Classes: 13 Classes, EBRR Class Reports: 13 Reports.
Miles Walked Today: 6 Miles, Cumulative Mileage: 1233 Miles, Target: 9000 Miles.

Collin Murray Parkes: The pain of grief is just as much a part of life as the joy of love; it is perhaps, the price we pay for love, the cost of commitment.