Choon Yong-The Science of Running

Author of Book: Steve Magness
Date Read: June 23, 2023

Book Report

Title: The Science of Running

Author: Steve Magness

Date Finished: 6/23/2023

Why Did I read this book:

The purpose of this book is to find our limits and train to maximize our performance.

What did I learn from this book: The book teaches us about the science of running including the type of muscle used, the Central Nervous system, mechanics of running, Training, Nutrition, glycogen storage and utilization, physiological and psychological factors, types of events, planning, and strategies. The book tries to reconcile the difference between the scientific community with the coaches. It shows us how to plan and train for different events for different athletes based on their muscular types. The idea is to achieve peak performance using different training methods.

How does reading this book will contribute to my success upon release:

This book on physical and personal improvement will enhance my knowledge of walking and running which I will apply to help Geriatric and others in the community in areas of Physical fitness, exercise, pain management, nutrition, manage their disabilities. Educate them on how to manage their disabilities, and improve their mental and physical health. Also IN order for me to be a caregiver, I have to be physically fit to be an effective caregiver.