Choon Yong-Success after Prison

Author of Book: Michael Santos
Date Read: June 30, 2023

Book Report

Title: Success After Prison

Author: Michael J Santos

Date Begin: 6/25/2023

Date Completed: 7/2/2023

Why I read this book:

This book teaches us how to prepare for success after prison. We need to plan for success while in prison and at different stages of incarceration by educating ourselves, working to contribute to society, and building a support network. It outlines the challenges of justice impacting people in transitioning to society: Dealing with BOP restrictions, securing adequate employment to support family, establishing credit, transportation, housing, family issues, and other issues that might surface.

What I learned from this book:

To succeed after prison, we need to develop goals and plans to guide us through our journey in Prison and beyond.

The goals are:

a) Educating and acquiring knowledge.

b) Contributing to Society.

c) Build a support network to help and guide you through the process.

Develop a plan to achieve your goals:

a) Define success at different stages.

b) Create plans that would lead to incremental steps of success.

c) Put priorities in place.

d) Build tools, tactics, and resources that would advance us along the plan.

e) Develop accountability metrics to measure progress.

f) Execute the plan daily.

The goal and plans can be used to succeed in life or any endeavors that we pursue in the future. People are more receptive to extending ” second chances” or opportunities to people who acknowledge their past mistakes, express remorse, and show that they are determined to work towards redemption. Engineer your plan to bring more people and mentors into your life. It gives them reasons it invests in you and your endeavors.

How will reading this book contribute to my success upon release:

With the goals and plan that I will execute daily that leads to incremental success and build the groundwork as documentation and validation to my probation officer whom I have never met. It shows what I am doing to educate myself with support from the community and volunteering my services to society. That my intentions are authentic to redeem myself, make amendments to reconcile with the community, and work towards my reentry to society as a law-abiding citizen. The new skills and tools acquired will allow me to volunteer my services to serve the immigrant and geriatric community upon my reentry to the community.