Choon Yong-Release Plan

Author of Book: Michael Santos
Date Read: July 1, 2023

Book Report

Title: Release Plan 2023

Author: Michael G Santos

Finished: 6/25/2023

Why I chose to read this book:

This book teaches me how to prepare a release plan and continuous updates in the future. The Release Plan is a tool to communicate with stakeholders: Case Manager, Counselor, Unit manager, Work supervisor, probations officer, POB officers, community leaders, family, and my support team. I plan to use this communication tool to advance toward a path of successful integration into society as a law-abiding citizen and contribute to society.

What I learn from this book:

How to prepare a Release plan which includes:

  1. Identifying Information
  2. Projected Release date
  3. My Release Plan
  4. Community Support
  5. Transportation / Housing
  6. Medical / Mental Health
  7. Financial Obligations
  8. Education
  9. Risk and Needs Assessment
  10. Personal Plan.

The Release Plan incorporates BOP:

  • Policies
  • Second Chance Act of 2008
  • First Step Act of 2018
  • Cares Act that ended in 2023

The Release Plan is a tool to communicate with BOP officials to show that I have a plan for successful reentry to the community as a responsible citizen and a good neighbor. The Release Plan will help me plan my daily activities to achieve my goal of maximum liberty at the earliest time.

How reading this book will contribute to my success upon my release:

The Release Plan help me:

  1. Survive my incarceration.
  2. Plan my daily activities.
  3. Acquire tools and skills to address my criminogenic needs.
  4. Acquire skills to help the community.
  5. How to communicate with BOP officials, and other inmates who are skeptical of my accomplishments while at the camp.

Self-advocating and memorializing my efforts to contribute and add value to the community upon my release as a responsible and law-abiding citizen.