Choon Yong-Gambling in Prison

Author of Book: Dr. Liupakorn
Date Read: June 29, 2023

Book Report

Title: Gambling in Prison

Author: The handout was provided by Dr. Liupakorn – Psychology Department. BOP Handout.

Finished: 6/29/2023

Why I read this Handout:

This is required reading recommended by the psychology unit. The Purpose of Gambling in Prison is to determine if You have a gambling problem: Prior to prison and while in prison. Gambling is prohibited in Prison.

What did I learn about this handout:

The handout illustrates the symptoms of a gambling problem and the consequences, costs, and benefits of gambling. The different types of gambling, criminal thinking that is associated with gambling, self-evaluation of your gambling problems, how to stop gambling, benefits of gambling, and steps to take to overcome gambling. Also, Gambling is prohibited in Prison.

How this handout will contribute to my success upon release:

The handout will help me recognize that there is a gambling problem in Prison and how to avoid it. Recognizing a gambling problem will help me identify the problem in the immigrant and Geriatric community. The factors that led to gambling and how to work with them to help mitigate their gambling problem. This is a FSA credit course and the knowledge will guide me to avoid gambling problems through my incarceration.