Choon Yong-The Complete Yoga Book

Author of Book: Howard Kent
Date Read: August 13, 2023

Book Report

Begin: 7/27/2023

Why I chose to read this book:
I have always been fascinated with Yoga. Yoga incorporates Balance, strength, breathing, and flexibility into their workout. As we age, these are the type of workouts we look for in our workout. The lessons I learned from this book will be for my own benefit and practice. Also, I can teach others who are interested in Yoga to improve their health.

What I learn from this book:
There are several types of Yoga. The Yoga that this book teaches is Hatha Yoga, Ha, and That, which are the symbols for the sun and moon. Practicing Hatha Yoga makes the body, breath, brain, and mind work together as one. Hatha Yoga involves the use of body position postures called Asanas. It also includes a series of special breathing activities, known as Pranayama. Control is the key aspect of Yoga: Control of the body, breath, and mind. The two most important aspects of discipline of practicing Yoga: consciously give yourself to the practice, setting aside time, and concentrating fully.
The book starts with a first monthly course: Stretching, breathing, back stretches, and relaxation. The second month: Abdominal toning, and visualization. The Third month: upside-down postures, and visualization in the posture. The fourth month: breathing and controlling our response. Month Five: The Bridge, spinal twist, and candle meditation. Month Six: Feeling the flow, instant relaxation, body, and mind. Month seven: Psychology of the breath, energy centers of the body, and retaining the breath. Month Eight: Brain control, coolness, and creativity, countering the senses, mind, and movements. Month nine: Developing Asanas, deep relaxation, more strengtheners, the peaceful of unity, and peaceful acceptance. Month Ten: The Hanuman pose, sitting comfortably and building up energy. Month Ten: Centering – becoming one, developing shoulder stand, and spot energization. Month twelve: Controlling stress, therapy of love, fitting relaxation, and fitting sound to the need. The course also provides activities for Yoga practice throughout the day. The course takes us through the whole spectrum of Yoga practice which encompasses: Stretching, breathing, visualization, meditation, relaxation, energy centers, brain control, peaceful acceptance, building up energy, controlling stress, and being at peace with oneself. If you allocate time and dedication to Yoga practice, you will improve your body, mind, soul, and overall well-being.

How will this book contribute to my success upon release:
Information and programs from this Yoga book will allow me to practice my Yoga while I am being incarcerated and honing my Yoga skills to a proficient level. Upon my release, I will apply the Yoga lessons that I have learned to teach Yoga lessons to the Geriatric community as part of my volunteer service. The Yoga practice will ensure that they will work on: Flexibility, strength, balance, breathing, and overall well-being.