Choon Yong-The Art of Teaching

Author of Book: Professor N. Allitt
Date Read: October 20, 2023

Book Report

Begin: 10/10/2023
Finish: 10/20/2023
Title: The Art of Teaching
Author: Professor N. Allitt
Emory University

Why I chose to read this book:
I will be teaching, tutoring and mentoring inmates on the GED and ESL classes. This book will provide insight to properly teach the students.

What I learned in this book:
Teaching is an essential activities of a civilized society. Information must be passed on by teaching, formal or informally. We all serve as teachers – in roles as parents, coaches, in workplace, presenting new procedures at meeting or training a new employee.
The course introduce the topic of teaching as a career, the range of learner teachers might encounter, and the essential qualities of a good teacher. Practical teaching matters, including developing and appropriate teaching persona;planning the work before class begins; managing aspects of teacher – student relationships; using high-tech and low-tech tools effectively; teaching time management; reading and note taking skills; encouraging students to participate; coaching and one-on-one teaching.
We consider student’s views of how they learn best, what they like and dislike about teachers and how they think teaching could be improved. it emphasizes the need for teachers to put themselves in the students’ shoes and try to view the teacher-student encounter from the other side. Teachers assessments of students, types of exams and student evaluation of teachers. Discuss methods of maintaining your enthusiasm as a teacher over the course of your career. The challenges of teaching offers suggestions for injecting creativity into the classroom by engaging students with unusual assignments to surprise – sending them to the library.
Take a broad look at the field of education and the qualities that make good teacher. Myth about education, such as learning is easy or that most people are willing learners. look at role of teachers in preserving and enriching our world, both materially and culturally. With the rapid pace of innovation we experience today and the increasing emphasis on lifelong learning, the contributions of teachers to society are unlikely to diminish.

How will this book contribute to my success upon release:
This book provides the background to be an effective teacher. The teaching techniques will be used when I teach and tutor inmates while incarcerated. The knowledge will then be used to teaching the communities which I will volunteer my teaching skills in the immigrant, Geriatric and underserved communities will benefit greatly form my services.