Choon Yong-The Art of Public Speaking

Author of Book: Instructor: Professor John R. Hale
Date Read: December 30, 2023

Book Report

Book Report – The Art of Public Speaking:
Lessons from the Greatest Speeches in History.
Begin: 12/12/2023
Finish: 12/30/2023
Title: The Art of Public Speaking – Lessons from the Greatest Speeches in History.
Instructor: Professor John R. Hale
University of Louisville

Why I choose to Read this book:
This book teaches us the art of public speaking. It also teaches us how to improve our reading, writing, analytical and critical thinking skills.

What I learned from this book:
How do we go about learning how to write and present a speech, no matter the occasion? Why not study lessons for history’s greatest speeches and speakers? This book explores the greatest speeches in history and sets out practical tips that we can use for any public speaking situation. The historic speechmakers include: Demosthenes, Saint Paul, Queen Elizabeth, Patrick Henry, Tecumseh, Martin Luther King Jr and Abraham Lincoln. The lectures uses historical case study to glean insight into every aspect of public speaking, from topic and style to opening and closing. The power of a call to action: Abraham Lincoln’s oration at Gettysburg. The power of presentation: Queen Elizabeth delivering a stirring call to arms in the field – “to live or die amongst you all” – among soldiers on the eve of the battle with the Spanish Armada. The power of sharing a vision: Martin Luther King Jr’s ” I have a Dream ” speech.

The lectures offers take away points that are illustrated with a presentation of the featured speech, including background on the speaker and the context of the speech. The book illustrate how to apply lessons learnt to everyday situations – eulogies, reports, political address, legal argument, business proposal, toasts, conferences, pregame speeches, sermons, classroom lectures, and “ow – to explanations – in which you ay find yourself called upon to speak in public.

How will this book contribute to my success upon release:
This book improve my writing, reading, analytical and critical thinking skills. The improved public speaking skills can be applied immediately to my teaching and mentoring duties. Upon my release, these skills will allow me to secure better employment opportunities as well as volunteering and mentoring positions.