Choon Yong-Shipping Container Homes 2022

Author of Book: Oliver Tomecek
Date Read: July 27, 2023

Book Report

Why I chose to read this book: Building technology has always piqued my interest. Shipping Container Homes (SCH) and miniature homes are in demand due to the high cost of homes. I like to learn more about the plan, flowchart, and strategy to build a SCH. Also, the challenges involved in SCH. What I learned from this book: The SCH is a cheap alternative to regular homes. However, the cost can quickly escalate depending on the design, area, and complexity of the plan. You have to work and plan based on your budget, it will determine the design and amenities for the SCH. The timeline for building an SCH is dictated by your budget. The other factors for the SCH include Design Plans. Location. Government and local codes. Sourcing the containers, material, and equipment. Utilities – electric, water, gas, phone, cable, sewer, and HVAC. The detailed plan and flowchart to build the SCH include: Choosing the containers. Site preparations based on soil in the location. Foundation types are also based on the soil at the location. Container conversion – Onsite or offsite. Container delivery. Placing container. Lining and insulation. Cleaning the container. Stabilizing the container on the foundation. Connecting the containers. Insulation. Building walls and ceilings. Planning the installation of cabinets, electrical outlets, and appliances. Building the roof. Water, electricity, sewage, cable, and phone services. Flooring installation and finishing. Finishing interior walls and ceilings. In addition, there are options to make the SCH self-sufficient: solar panels, well water, rainwater, septic systems, water stove heater and fireplace, and recycled products. Design ideas and creative ways to save space and exterior finishes to enhance the curb appeal of the house. How this book will contribute to my success upon my release: Building miniature and container homes is getting popular in the eBay Area because of the high cost of homes and the homeless population. The state and local authorities are building small houses to house the homeless. Knowledge from this book coupled with my credential as a registered professional civil engineer can be applied and volunteer my efforts to help ease the homeless crisis and Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable homes for low-income families.