Choon Yong-ServSafe Food Handler Guide

Author of Book: Instructor: Mrs Hubbard. National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
Date Read: August 24, 2023

Book Report

Begin: 8/15/2023
Finish: 8/24/2023
Title: ServSafe Food Handler Guide
Instructor: Mrs Hubbard. National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

Why I chose to take this Course:
This is an Evidence-Based Recidivism Reduction (EBRR) class. The FSA credit will be applied to my early release or Home Confinement. I took this class because it teaches us about how to handle food safety. The lesson learned from this class can be applied to my volunteer services in the food industry: Meal on Wheels, Pinole Senior Center food kitchen, and San Francisco Nursing Home.

What I learned from this Course:
Food safety is important to everyone because we all need to eat. We learned about Foodborne illness and hazards from the environment. Our Role in keeping food safe: Practice food personal hygiene, Control the time and temperature of food, Prevent cross contamination and How to clean and sanitize surfaces correctly. We learned about how, when, and where to wash our hands. How to use gloves and what to wear, eating and drinking, and what to do if you are sick. Controlling Time and temperature: Food that needs time and temperature control to keep it safe, the temperature danger zone, how to use a thermometer correctly, requirements for receiving food and non-food items, control time and temperature of food during storage, how to transport and deliver food off-site correctly. Preventing cross-contamination: Food that may be contaminated during receiving, prevent cross-contamination when storing, prepping, and serving food, how to handle and store chemicals to prevent cross-contamination, the big eight food allergens, and how to prevent them from causing an allergic reaction. Cleaning and sanitizing: The difference between cleaning and sanitizing, how and when to clean and sanitize surfaces, how to set up and use a three-compartment sink correctly, how to use and maintain dishwasher correctly, how to handle garbage correctly and signs of pest in the operation.

How will this course contribute to my success upon my release:
The ServSafe is a certificate issued by the state of California. With this certificate they will be lots of demand for volunteers with Safe Food Handling credentials. This course will help me volunteer my services to Nursing homes kitchen, Meal on wheels, geriatric and immigrant communities. I will use my knowledge to keep feeding the hungry safely. Also I can use this for our home to for us to eat healthy and prevent Allergic reaction for our family and our geriatric friends.