Choon Yong-Physiology and Fitness

Author of Book: Dean Hodgkin
Date Read: July 23, 2023

Book Report

Why I read this book: I read this book to have a basic understanding of how our body works and to meet our health and fitness goals. Learn about the human anatomy and the physiology. What I learn from this book: I learned about the components of fitness, how to measure fitness, and hope to overcome barriers to exercise. I learned about the human heart and its function, fitness, and ailments of breathing. It delves into the human anatomy: joints, bones, muscles, brain, and body. The types of ailments from a sedentary lifestyle. How to manage and reduce stress, Refuel and recover and reenergize. Protecting yourself from injury. Maintain proper balance. How to keep fit including: walking, aqua aerobics, stretching, and staying active to defy the aging process, and for weight loss. It also illustrates the different modalities of workout; body weight, medicine ball, step and interval training, dumbbells, combat, fitness ball, balance board, kettlebell, plyometrics, resistance band, training bar, and stretching routines. How will this book contribute to my success upon my release: This book has a comprehensive anatomy and physiology of the human body. The different modalities to maintain fitness will come in handy when used to train the geriatric and the disabled communities when I am released to the community, as part of my volunteer efforts. The knowledge gained from this book will also be a better caregiver for my wife and when I volunteer my efforts at the nursing homes. Also, help them work out safely, to keep fit and avoid injury.