Choon Yong-My Personal Health Journal

Author of Book: The Change Company.
Date Read: September 12, 2023

Book Report

Begin: 9/8/2023
Finish: 9/12/2023
Title: My Personal Health Journal
Author: The Change Company.

Why I choose to read this book:
This book was used by the EBRR class Health, Mind and Body. This book teaches us how to change our existing lifestyle to a better one through exercise, managing stress, develop a healthy relationship and proper diet.

What I learned from this book:
My Personal Health Journal help you to make wise choice in order to stay physically active, manage your stress, build a healthy relationship and be mindful of what you eat. It is not a short term fix to achieve your personal health goals and challenging yourself in ways that work for your lifetime. Understand the spiral staircase of change: Not ready to change, Thinking about change, getting ready to change, taking action and maintaining change.
Physical Activity: When you add physical activities into your daily routine, you experience lots of benefits in every area of your life: Increase energy, Improve mood, Adds years to your life, Builds muscles, Cope with stress, Lose weight, Improve circulation and reduce pain. It also reduces the risk of: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, depression and anxiety.
Managing Stress: Stress is the way your body responds to events or situations you experience physically and mentally. As stress accumulates, Adrenaline and Cortisol build up, making you uptight and anxious. Over time it takes its toll: chronic headache, back pain, feeling nervous or depression, memory problem, insomnia and heart disease. That’s why it is important to manage your stress now. Strategies for better stress management: pay attention to your physical health, practice good nutrition, exercise regularly, stretching, relaxation techniques, relax your mind, choose positive behaviors and enjoy a positive social life, get rest, learn to relax, take time to manage stress.
Healthy Relationship: Relationship are the connection that exist between you and other people. Relationships includes every area of your life: education, work, spirituality, finance and health. Improving your casual and personal relationship can add to your physical and emotional health. If you and the other person put in positive, responsible value, attitude and behaviors, you will enjoy a healthy relationship. The foundation for a healthy long lasting relationship: Forgiveness, praise, openness, respect, trust, communication and caring.
Mindful Eating: involves giving your full attention to your eating experience noticing the color, smells, texture, flavors and temperature of your food. Benefits of healthy eating: lower LDL, Raise HDL, improve blood flow, help you loose weight, improves your immune system, reduce the risk heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and depression. How to eat healthier: eat whole foods, eat less sugar, understanding food labels and dining out.

How will this book contribute to my success upon release:
This book provides me with knowledge to keep physically active, manage stress, build a healthy relationship and mindful eating. These are the foundation for a healthy life. These information will be used by me and my family and will also be shared with the communities that I volunteer my teaching and mentoring services.”