Choon Yong-Even the stiffest people can do the splits – in four weeks

Author of Book: EIKO
Date Read: October 12, 2023

Book Report

Begin 10/10/2023
Finish: 10/12/2023
Title: Even the stiffest people can do the splits – in four weeks.
Author: EIKO

Why I chose to read this book:
This book teaches you how to do the splits in four weeks. The book offers four weeks stretching plan to achieve amazing health.

What I learned from this book:
What is a split? If you spread out your legs wide while keeping your knees straight, lean your upper body, and touch the floor with your elbows, you’ve achieved the splits. A pancake split, where you bring your upper body down flat to the floor while doing a middle split. The split in four weeks program. For the next four weeks you will do three types of stretches each day. The first tow are basic stretches that you will do everyday until you achieve the splits. The third is a weekly stretch that changes as you advance each week.
Basic Stretch: Two basic stretches:

1) The Towel Stretch and

2) The Sumo Stretch. The key is to stretch only so far that it hurts in a good way. be careful not to over do it when starting out.

1) Towel Stretch: Lying down flat on your back on the floor. Loop a towel over the underside of one foot, extend your leg (Keeping the knee straight) and pull the towel towards your head with both hands, bouncing for 30 seconds. Do the same for both legs. Don’t bend your knees as you wont get much of a stretch. If the stretch is difficult use something longer, like a rope, bath towel or belt. It’s okay not to draw your legs closer, Just be sure to keep your knees straight.

2) Sumo Stretch: a) Point your knees outward, spread your legs about twice the width of your shoulders, lower your backside, and place your hands on your inner thighs near the knees. Your thighs should be parallels to the floor.
b) Bounce up and down in quick, short movements, about 20 times.
c) Next stretch the groin and back by twisting each shoulder towards the middle in turn while pushing harder with your hands. If the stretch is difficult, it is okay not to lower your hips all the way down.

Week 1 – Inner Thigh Stretch:
In addition to the two basic stretches, you will do one stretch that changes each week. For the first week, this is the inner thigh stretch. After you have finished each day’s routine, be sure to try doing the splits.
A) Towel Stretch.
B) Suma Stretch.
C) Inner Thigh Stretch:
With one knee bent, stretch out the other leg to the side, bouncing for 30 seconds. Do the same with the other leg. This stretch won’t be effective if both your knees are bent. If you are inflexible, it is okay the heel of the bent leg leaves the floor.

When you are done with week one, try doing the split to check your progress.

Week 2 – Wall Stretch:
The weekly stretch for week two uses a wall to bring you closer to the splits. Since the wall support the weight of your legs. You can increase the intensity without bending your knees and without pushing too hard.
A) Towel Stretch.
B) Sumo Stretch.
C) Wall Stretch.
a) Position your backside along the wall, extend your legs towards the ceiling, then open up your legs.
b) place your legs against the wall, spread them as far as you can without bending your knees or pushing too far, and stretch for 1 – 2 minutes while bouncing your legs apart. Adjust the intensity of the stretch by varying how open your legs are and the distance between your backside and the wall. If this stretch is difficult, it is okay to only go as far as you can.

When you are done with week two, try doing the splits to check your progress.

Week 3 – Chair Stretch:
For week three, you will do a chair stretch, which applies pressure to your hip joints. Th key is that the back of the chair enables you to freely adjust the intensity.
A) Towel Stretch.
B) Sumo Stretch.
C) Chair Stretch.
a) Straddle the chair facing the seat back with your feet in line with the back of the chair. Grabbing the seat back with both hands, stick your stomach out.
b) Lean your upper body back while pulling on the seat back, open up your knee, and stretch your hips for 30 seconds while bouncing.

When you are done with week three, try doing the splits to check your progress.

Week 4 – Door Stretch:
Finally the last week. With the door stretch., since you let the walls take care of your legs, your goal of the splits should seem closer than ever. If you don’t have a door to use, try the frog stretch.
A) Towel Stretch.
B) Sumo Stretch.
C) Door Stretch
a) Find a doorway whose walls on both sides are in the same plane and whose door open away from you, then sit down in front of it with your legs spread.
b) Supporting your outstretched legs with the walls, lower your upper body forward and place your arms on the floor, stretching for 30 seconds while bouncing.
If you don’t have a door: Frog Stretch: Spread your legs wide with your toes pointing out lower your hands to the floor and support your upper body which will want to tumble forward, stretching for 30 seconds. If you cannot reach the floor with your hands, support your upper body by resting your elbow on your thighs near your knees.

After four weeks, you are sure to see a change in your split.
Benefits of doing the splits:
Improve range of motions, flexibility and balance, physical independence, better quality of life, keeps you young, muscle strengthening, better circulation, enhance self control, weight loss, relieve stress, increase body awareness, build self confidence, flatter belly, prevent injuries, tones your legs and cut down on swelling.

How are you ever going to achieve anything if you can’t even do the splits?

There is nothing that cannot be achieved with firm determination.

Learning is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back.

Bamboo that bends is stronger than the Oak that resist.

How will this book contribute to my success upon release:
This stretching program can be taught in most exercise and Yoga classes. But the confidence it build and instill in you is priceless and can be applied to our daily lives.