Choon Yong-EBRR Class Report – Health and Wellness Throughout the Life Span

Author of Book: Instructor: Khalil Osiris
Date Read: December 6, 2023

Book Report

Begin: 11/22/2023
Finish: 12/6/2023
Title: Health and Wellness Throughout the Life Span
Instructor: Khalil Osiris

Why I chose to take this class:

This class was about health and wellness throughout the Life Span but instead we decided the different things that you can do in prison that will affect your Health and Wellness. The things which they concentrated on were: 1) Marital / Family, 2) Personal / Emotional Orientation and 3) Attitude.

What I learned form this class:

There are several Criminogenic needs that are important for successful integration into the communities, we will concentrate only on:

  1. Marital / Family Relations,
  2. Personal / Emotional Orientation and
  3. Attitude.
  1. Marital /Family Relations: The trait for this domain is Love and the Distortion is Manipulation. During incarceration, we lose family members and there is always bitterness by family members that look at us as manipulative and always looking for a handout. Love is the ability to embrace people and allow them to be themselves. When we are incarcerated, the family loses our support and our family has to support us, thus taking away resources from them. We have to be realistic and be able to deal with resentment from family members because we are felons. We have to educate and develop skills, so we will not be a charge to our family and society and we have to work to redeem ourselves. We have to learn to build healthy relationship with the family and the community. Building healthy relationship: 1) Respects others’ boundary, 2) create a safety net, 3) respond to social pressure, 4) Practice effective communication, 5) Accept feedback. Assessment for readiness for release, family relationship is a predictor for recidivism.
  2. Personal / Emotional Orientation: The trait for this domain is cooperation – am openness to others, being unselfish. The condition is accelerated aging. The distortion is Futility and Hopelessness. Personal and emotional orientation – The value places on being in control of one’s life: decision making, cope with stress, and mental health. Critical thinking skills is important and it will challenge the thinking while in prison. We have to learn communication skills in prison to effectively communicate within the community. Practice consideration for others which is antithesis to prison living to cope with the outside world from prison.
  3. Attitude: The trait for this domain is Trust. The condition is The anxiety of Pre- Release and Parole. The distortion is unbalanced. Excessive worry and overwhelming anxiety. Attitude – The value placed on living in a way that is Law Abiding. Trust – Belief in own ability tp face any situation in life and be well balanced. Mot resorting to criminal activities to overcome problems.
    Prison is the antithesis to law abiding living. The focus is on out thinking and examine our personal transformation, education, develop new skills, improve our critical thinking skills to cope with a community that is different from prison. Readiness for release is based on criminogenic domains listed and others, to minimize recidivism.

How will this class contribute to my success upon release:
This class emphasis the need to educate, train, acquire new skills while in prison to allow us to cope with the communities upon release. I will work hard to acquire the skills needed so I could integrate seamlessly into my communities upon release. These are lifelong lessons that I will pursue even I am out of prison.