Choon Yong-ACE Class Report:English as Second language

Author of Book: Instructor: Rodrigo Santos
Date Read:

Book Report

ACE Class Report: English as Second Language
Begin: 2/4/2024
Finish: 4/21/2024
Title: English as Second Language
Instructor: Rodrigo Santos

Why I took this class:
This class is to teach English to non English speaking adults, to help them function in communities where they live. Help to develop their critical thinking and cultural awareness and building languages and life skills.

What I learned from this class:
Building vocabulary and pronunciation:
The basic vocabulary for everyday usage, pronunciation and spelling. Teach them how to fill in job applications, rental applications and advertisement applications.

Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives:
Basic Vocabulary building through exercises dealing with neighborhood, shopping, family and every ay life events.

Days, Months and Seasons:
Where to look for information, how to use them in reading, writing and conversational applications.

Numbers, Date and Time:
Develop numeracy skills, counting money, paying bills, checking account maintenance, interpretation of bills and budgeting.

Listening and Reading comprehension:
Prepare them for integration into communities, confidence in conversation through questions and answering sessions.

Phrases, sentences and words for everyday communication to function in everyday life. Conversation, listening, reading, spelling and writing improvements.

How will this class contribute to my success upon release:
Assisting inn teaching this English class provided me with experience to teach others non English speaking communities. I will apply these skills when I volunteer my skills to the communities.