Choon Yong-ACE Class Report-The Life of Muhammad

Author of Book: Instructor: Public Broadcasting Station
Date Read: November 6, 2023

Book Report

Begin: 8/21/2023
Finish: 11/6/2023
Title: The Life of Muhammad
Instructor: Public Broadcasting Station

Why I choose to take this Class:
This class is about prophet Muhammad. It has religious implication about Islam. I choose this class to learn more about Muhammad and Islam.

What I learned from this class:
Muhammad ( AD 570 -632 ) was a prophet whose life and teachings form the basis of the Islamic religion. When Muhammad began to preach in the 600’s, Arabia was wild lawless land. The fierce tribes of the deserts fought continual bloody wars. Most people worshipped many gods, and prayed to idols and spirits. Muhammad brought a new message to his people from god. He taught that there is only one god, and that this god requires people to make Islam (submission) to him. He replaced the old loyalty to tribes with a new tie of equality and allegiance among all Muslims. He preached against injustice of the wealthy classes in Mecca, and tried to help the poor.
Early Life: Muhammad was born in Mecca. His father died before he was born and his mother died when he was a child. His grandfather and later his uncle Abu Talib Abd Manaf Ibn Abd Al-Muttalib became his guardians. Muhammad lived a desert tribe and tended sheep and camels. He joined his uncle on caravans to Arabia and Syria. At the age of 25, Muhammad married Khadijah, a wealthy widow of 40.
His Religious Life: When Muhammad was 35, a flood damaged the Kaaba. Because of his moral excellence, he was chosen to set the sacred stone into place. Later when Muhammad was meditating on Mount Hira, a vision appeared to him. Muslim believed the vision was of Angel Gabriel, who called Muhammad to serve as a prophet and proclaim god’s massage to his people. For a time, no more revelations came and Muhammad grew discouraged. Then Gabriel came again and told him, ” Arise and warn, magnify thy lord — wait patiently for him.” And he preached publicly. Most people who heard him ridiculed him, but some accepted him as a prophet.
The Hijrah: Muhammad continue to preach in Mecca until Khadijah and Abu Talib died, also the people in Mecca began to hate him for his claim and attack on their way of life. In AD 622, Muhammad fled North to Medina, it was called Yathrib then. His emigration to Medina is called the Hijrah. It is considered so important that Muslim calendar begins with the year of the Hijrah. His preaching and statesmanship soon won most of them as followers.
His Teachings: Muhammad was head of both a religion and a community. He abolished idol warship and the killing of unwanted baby girls. He limited polygamy ( Married to more than one wife at a time) and restricted divorce. He reformed inheritance law, regulated slavery and helped the poor. He also banned was and violence except for self defense and for the cause of Islam. Muhammad seems to have expected Jews and Christians to accept him as a prophet. But the Jews were hostiles to him and his followers. Muhammad drove the Jews form the city of Mecca and organized a purely Muslim society. To symbolize the independence of the new religion, he directed his followers to face Mecca, instead of Jerusalem when praying. In 630 Muhammad entered Mecca in Triumph. He pardoned all those who fought against him and most chose to he his followers.

How will this class contribute to my success upon release:
The information about Muslim will enhance my knowledge so I have a better understanding of Muslim. It will help me communicate and empathize with their beliefs.