Choon Yong-ACE Class Report-Sociology

Author of Book: Instructor: Coastline Community College.
Date Read: October 14, 2023

Book Report

ACE Class Report – Sociology.
Begin: 8/3/2023
Finish: 10/14/2023
Title: Sociology
Instructor: Coastline Community College.

Why I choose to take this class:
To find out how people react to one another and to their environment. Sociology will help me understand people with other cultural background better.

What I learned from this Class:
Sociology is the study of the individual, groups, and institutions that make up human society. It is an extremely broad range that includes every aspect of human social life. Sociologist observe and record how people relate to one another and to their environment. They also study the formation of groups; the causes of various forms of social behavior; and the role of churches, schools, and other institutions within a society. Most sociological studies deal with the predominant attitudes, behavior, and types of relationship within a society. A society is a group of people with similar cultural background and live in a specific geographical area. Each society has a social structure – that is a network of interrelationships among individuals and groups. They study the relationship to determine their effect on the overall function of the society. Sociological data can also help explain the cause of crime, poverty and other social problems. Sociologist formulate theories based on observations of various aspect of society. They use scientific methods to test these theories.
What sociologist study: Many elements determine the general social conditions of a society. These elements are: 1) Population Characteristics, 2) Social Behavior, 3) Social Institutions, 4) Cultural Influences, and 5) Social Changes. Population Characteristics: Determine the general social patterns of a group of individuals who live within a certain geographical area. Two types of population studies; Demography and Human Ecology. Demography is the systematic study of the size, composition and distribution of human populations. Human Ecology deals with the structure of urban environments and their patterns of settlement and growth. Social Behavior: Usually with small groups to observe attitude change; conformity, leadership, morale, social interaction and other behavior. Sociologist observe how people adjust their behavior to conform to these standard, a process called socialization. Social Institution: Organized relationships among people and tend to perform special function within a society. They also study each institution direct effect on society in which it exists. Cultural Influence: Help unify a society and regulate its social life. The culture of a society includes it arts, customs, language, knowledge, and religious belief. Social Changes: is any significant alteration in the social conditions and patterns of behavior in a society. Changes can be caused by fashions, inventions, revolution, wars, technological developments that lead to social changes.
Method of Sociological research: Sociologists use three methods to test theories: 1) Surveys, 2) Controlled experiments, and 3) Field Observations. Surveys: Public opinion polls – most widely used. Use survey to determine the relationship between a certain viewpoint and such factors as age, education, and sex. Surveys conducted using questionnaires prepared by sociologist. Controller Experiments: Used to study small groups, conducted in laboratory. Two or more groups are studied, the groups differs on one principle feature, which is called a variable. Th variable may be age, sex, economic background or other characteristic. Field Observations: Involve a sociologist’s living in the community they are studying. Information is gathered primarily through observation and conversations with members of the community. The community’s institution and culture are studied, along with the attitudes, behavior and interaction of its members. Sociologist have began to rely more heavily on scientific research methods and use of computers has increased efficiency of evaluation survey results. Sociologist also have developed better methods of selecting samples.

How will this class contribute to my success upon release:
Knowledge gained from this course will help me better deal with and interact with others. This topic will challenge my mind and force me to think critically.