Choon Yong-ACE Class Report-Parenting

Author of Book: Instructor: Dr Eileen Kennedy-Moore
Date Read:

Book Report

ACE Class report – Parenting – Raising emotionally and socially healthy kids.
Begin: 10/4/2023
Finish: 12/20/2023
Title: Parenting – Raising emotionally and socially healthy kids.
Instructor: Dr Eileen Kennedy-Moore
Stony Brook University

Why I choose to take this class:
This class teaches us about how to raise children so they will grow up to be emotionally and socially healthy.

What I learn in this class:
The stages of children ranges from toddler, to preschool years and school age years. Children are different due to physical difference, psychological difference, cultural difference and varied background. The role of the family includes: understanding the child’s basic needs, motivating the child’s behavior, serving as a models of appropriate behavior and the influence of siblings. The influence of the child’s environment: a) The microsystem – the Childs immediate environment, b) The mesosystem, the parent and teacher environment, c) The exosystem, elements of parent’s workplace, community organization, social and health services and school board. the Mass media, internet, advertising and movies are important aspect of exosystem. d) The macrosystem, government policies, economic conditions and world events.

Special challenges and concerns:
Emotional problems, physical disabilities and challenges, obstacle to learning, social problems, aggressive behaviors and problems at home.

How to raise emotionally and socially healthy children:

  1. Develop the child’s emotional Intelligence.
  2. Anxiety – teach them how to work their way out.
  3. Manage anger – positive discipline.
  4. Building self-esteem.
  5. Teaching kids to care and empathy.
  6. What makes kids happy.
  7. How children make friends.
  8. Playing well with others.
  9. Maintaining Friends.
  10. Belonging, status, popularity and rejection.
  11. Teasing and bullying.
  12. Growing up social in the digital world.

These are some of the parenting skills to raise healthy kids.

How will this class contribute to my success upon release:

This class taught me how to raise emotionally and socially healthy kids. This skill will be used to deal with my own kids and children. Understanding how to deal with them will help me teach and mentor them more effectively.