Choon Yong-ACE Class Report-Mystic Lands

Author of Book: Instructor: Questar, Inc.
Date Read:

Book Report

ACE Class Report – Mystic Lands.
Begin: 2/16/2024
Finish: 5/3/2024
Title: Mystic Lands
Instructor: Questar, Inc.

Why I took this class:

To look at the world most sacred places and to witness a diverse array of spiritual practices and their cultures.

What I learned from this class:

Peru – Kingdom In The Clouds:
Ghost of Inca – ruins of Machu Picchu. The site was constructed in AD 1400, it was probably used as a home for members of the Inca royal family when they are away from Cusco. This place has carvings that depicted Inca ceremonies that included human sacrifices. It was believed that Machu Picchu was abandoned shortly after the Spanish began their conquest of the Inca in 1532.

Egypt cycle of life:
Islam is the official religion of Egypt, 90% of the Egyptian people are Muslims and Allah unites the majority of the people. The ancient Egyptian believed that they could enjoy life after death. This belief in afterlife led to much preparation for death and burial. It resulted in construction of Pyramids and other great tombs for Kings and Queen. Their bodies were mummified to prevent them from decaying and preserved for next life.

Bali – Island of 1000 Temples:
The Balinese Hindu faithful express their devotion through music, dance and procession of beauty. Religion influence every aspect of Balinese daily life including sacred ceremonies and rites.

Maya – Messages in Stone:
Maya build tall pyramids of limestone with small temple on top. Priest climbed the stairs of the pyramids and perform ceremonies in the temple. The Maya believe in the upper world, the middle world and the under world. Maya prayed and offered human scarifies like throwing them into deep well or killing them in funerals for great leaders.

Jerusalem: Mosaic of Faith:
Three great faiths of the modern world converge in the holy city of Jerusalem. This place of pilgrimage and passion is a spiritual crossroad for the devout and a wellspring of all that is sacred to Christians, Muslims and Jews. Each religion’s claim on this ancient city of faith.

Varanasi: City of Lights:
Varanasi is an ancient holy city of the Hindus. The city was along a sandy ridge on the west bank of the Ganges River. The Ganges River is sacred to Hindus. Hindus make pilgrimage to bathe in the Ganges through more than 80 Ghats (Stairways along the river).Hindus chose to die and cremated here. The city has thousands of Temples, shrines, Monasteries and Palaces.

Anasazi – The Ancient One:
Anasazi is Navajo term meaning enemy of long ago. It is located in what is called the four corners area where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona meets. About AD 1100 the Anasazi built homes called cliff dwellings in Canyon walls or under rocky overhangs. Their civilization rivaled that of the Mayan and Inca culture. Their pueblos made of sand stones that were two to three stories high. Their largest was Pueblo Bonito, had 80 rooms and may house as many as 1150. The Chaco Canyon culture ended about 1150, due to drought, warfare and disease.

Haiti Dance of The Spirit:
The mystical practice of Voodoo. Stereotyped as sinister and bizarre, Voodoo is a blend of West African beliefs and Roman Catholism. Vodou meaning spirit, it is incorrectly spelled as voodoo. They believe in a creator being and many spirits. Each person has a protector spirit, usually inherited from an ancestor, Protector can reward individuals with luck or wealth or punish people with misfortune or illness.

Australia – Dreamtime:
Australia aboriginal people have survived on Austere landscape. Bengaluru is a spirited land, it has myth an legends, mystical rites and exotic ceremonies.

Taj Mahal – Heaven On Earth:
One of the most beautiful and costly tomb in the world. Shah Jehan built it in memory of his favorite wife – Mumtaz Mahal, who died in 1629. The tomb is in Agra, India. It is made of white marble and rest on Red Sandstone platform. Passages from the Muslim Quran decorates the outside of the building. The Bodies of Shah Jehan and his wife lie in a vault below.

How will this class contribute to my success upon release:

Knowledge foreign land, culture, belief enable me to better understand other cultures. This will help my analytical and critical thinking which will be helpful when I am released.