Choon Yong-ACE Class Report: Learning Spanish

Author of Book: Instructor: Rodrigo Santos
Date Read:

Book Report

ACE Class Report: Beginning Spanish
Begin: 2/3/2024
Finish: 4/20/2024
Title: Beginning Spanish
Instructor: Rodrigo Santos

Why I Choose to Take This Class:
I took this class to improve my Spanish skills: written, listening and spoken. This class will make me learn a new language.

What I learned from this class:
Spanish Pronunciation:
G – G in games before a, o, u before a consonant – Gato, Gusto, Grande
H as in hat before e or i – Genio – Henio, Generoso – Henoroso, Gitan – Hitan
H – Silent – Hombre – ombre, Hasta – asta, Hablar – ablar.
J – English H – Juan – Huan, Ojo – Oho, Mujer – muher
LL – The y in beyond – Caballo – cabayo, Bello – Beyo, LLave – Yave
or s as in pleasure
Q – K – Quito – Kuito, Queso – Kueso, Equipo – Ekuipo.
R – The dd in ladder – Caro, Barato, Para, Hablar
V – B There is no V in Spanish
Y – Spanish LL – Papaya, Papagayo, Ayer
Y in beyond or s in pleasure
Z – The s in sail – Azul, Brazo, Luz.

Building Vocabulary:
Learning words that are used daily or frequently, to hear the words, spell and use them in conversation.

Noun, Articles and Adjectives:
Singular, plural and gender sensitive nouns and articles. Adjectives for sentence construction.

Days and Month:
Singular and plural applications to days and months.

Number, Date and Time:
used date and time to ask for information and answer to questions related to number, date and time.

For daily application, written and conversation. Building vocabulary.

Phrases, sentences and words for everyday communications in Spanish. Usage of new vocabulary in everyday living.

How will this class contribute to my success upon my release:
This class is one of many classes which I will take to improve my Spanish: writing, reading, listening and conversation. I will gradually improve my Spanish until I can converse fluently. This new language facility will help me communicate and teach the Spanish communities when I volunteer my services to the communities.