Choon Yong-ACE Class Report-Italy

Author of Book: Instructor: Rick Steves
Date Read: October 23, 2023

Book Report

Begin: 8/25/2023
Finish: 10/23/2023
Title: Italian Cities
Instructor: Rick Steves

Why I chose to take this class:
This class shows me about Italy,. Its culture, history, beauty of the country, its architecture and its Art.

What I learned in this class:

Italy is a country in Southern Europe. It is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Its cities have beautiful churches and large plazas. Their museum contain some of the worlds’ best known art. Italy occupies a bootshaped peninsula that extends into the Mediterranean sea. The country also include two large islands, Sicily and Sardinia. Two Independent countries lie within Italy’s borders: the tiny Republic of San Marino, in North Central Italy and Vatican City, which is located completely in Rome. Italy’s landscape is dominated by two mountain ranges. The Alps towers across the Northern most part of Italy. The Apennines form a backbone that runs nearly the entire length of the peninsula.
The country has several world-famous cities. Rome, the capital and largest city in Italy. Florence was the home of many artists of the Renaissance Arts. Venice, with its intricate canal system. Florence became the center of early Renaissance Art. The greatest artist of 1400’s was probably Leonardo Da Vinci – His portrait of Mona Lisa and his religious scene The Last Supper. Later Renaissance was dominated by Raphael and Michelangelo, who help designed the St. Peters’ Basilica. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea. It is separated from mainland Italy by the straits of Messina. Mount Etna, one of the largest active volcano, dominates the landscape of Northeastern Sicily. The most famous Byzantine structure is the Basilica of St. Mark in Venice. Michelangelo famous sculpture of Moses is in Rome. Mount Vesuvius is locates near Naples and Pompeii.

Italy has eight land regions:

  1. Alpine Slope,
  2. The Po Valley,
  3. The Adriatic plain,
  4. The Apennines,
  5. Apulia and the Southern Plains,
  6. The Western uplands and plains,
  7. Sicily and
  8. Sardinia.

How will this class contribute to my success upon release:
Classes that include travel and history provides lots of Historical and Geographical knowledge. The knowledge will help my critical thinking and my volunteer efforts for teaching the Geriatric communities.