Choon Yong-ACE Class Report: Impossible Physics beyond the edge

Author of Book: Benjamin Shumaker
Date Read: October 25, 2023

Book Report

ACE Class Report: Impossible Physics beyond the edge.
Begin: 8/9/2023
Finish: 10/25/2023
Title: Impossible Physics Beyond The Edge.
Author: Benjamin Shumaker
Kenyon College.

Why I chose to take this class:
This class discuss the impossible physics and engineering principles at present time. The class will provide knowledge that can be apply to our lives, especially to the Scientific and Engineering communities.

What I learn from this class:
Principles to Paradoxes and Back Again:
There are three types of impossibilities:

  1. Absolute Impossibilities: Involves a logical and mathematical contradiction of established laws. Strongest type of Impossibility.
  2. Derived Impossibility: Not impossible in itself but impossible because it contradicts some accepted assumptions about the world. Physical impossibility.
  3. Statistical Impossibility: Not impossible in the strictest sense, but so impossible that we can regard it as “effectively impossible”. Almost impossible.

Almost Impossible:
Airplanes were an impossibility before the 19 and 20th century because technology was not available then. But the Wright brothers change that impossibility to possibility.
Perpetual Motion Machine:
All through history, men have tried to come up with the perpetual machine including Leonardo Da Vinci. This impossibility violate the law of conservation of energy – Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
On Sunshine and Invisible Particles:
Scientists have tried to figure out the sources of energy from the sun. Hydrogen Fusion at high temperature and it emits 3 types of Neutrinos: Electron, Muon and Tau. The sun can last more than 10 Billion years.
Reflection on the emotive power of fire:
2nd law of Thermodynamics – Total entropy of an object can never decrease. using heat to generate work – Steam engine and refrigeration. however, this perpetual machine like the original perpetual machine is impossible.
Maxwell Demon:
2nd Law of Thermodynamics, The Maxwell’s demon to use entropy to create work was impossible.
Absolute Zero:
Absolute zero is defined as -273 degrees C = 0 degrees Kelvin. The 3rd law of Thermodynamics that absolute zero is an impossibility. At this temperature or near it, all random microscopic motion of the molecule has stopped. There is no heat energy at all, near absolute zero, element turn to super conductor – zero resistance, no resistance also conductor of heat.
Predicting the Future:
Long-term prediction of the future is impossible. Present chaos determines the future. Too much uncertainties to predict the future. We can predict short term but not for long term.
Revisiting the Past:
Time travel is currently impossible, because our computer lacks the computational power.
Thinking in Space Time:
Time when considered with the three dimensional space, we have the fourth dimension. Time is identified as c – the speed of light. The Theory of Relativity E=MC2. The space time diagram can be plotted to represent events.
Faster than light:
Nothing can travel faster than light. C= 300,000 km / second.

How will this class contribute to my success upon release:

This class will help me develop my critical thinking skills. I will share this knowledge learned with the communities which I will volunteer my services.