Choon Yong-ACE Class Report-History of Rock N Roll

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Book Report

Begin: 7/2/2023
End: 8/27/2023
Title: The History of Rock and Roll
Produced: Warner Brothers – Andrew Solt

Why I chose to take this class:
This class is used as a training course for me to train, teach and mentor in different topics. Exposure to the music industry, the evolution of different genre of music and rock and roll music.

What I learn from this class:
Rock and Roll exploded on the music scene in the US during the mid 1950’s. The rock music originated as a blend of two American musical styles: Country and western and Blues. There were also some Gospel music and soul music mixed in there too. In the 1960’s the Cleveland Disc Jockey Alan Freed was credited with introducing the term Rock N Roll. As part of his radio show in the 1950’s. Early Rock N Roll caused considerable controversy, people often objected to the loud volume, often rebellious or sexually suggestive lyrics and performance styles. Major record labels Columbia and RCA Victor ignored Rock N Roll. Most of the musical development that led to Rock emerged from independent record companies: Atlantic, Chess, King, Specialty and Sun. First generation Rock N Roll artist were led by: Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. But only Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis were white. In the 1964 the Beatles appearance in US launched the visit of British rock bands that became known as the ” British Invasion”. New styles, folk rock and sound evolved from the 1960 from Bob Dylan and Beach Boys. Psychedelic rock performance featured light shows and other special effects and deliberate use of feedback. The garage rock in the 1960 emphasize crude or raw composition with unfinished and improvised sound. The Rock groups that originated from San Francisco scene: the grateful dead, Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin. The heavy metal sound combined screaming guitar and crashing drum with dramatic vocal like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. In the 1970’s introduced the progressive rock from Pink Floyd that combine rock with classical Music – Dark Side of the moon. The groups included: Genesis and Jethro Tull. Punk rock was simpler, faster and louder and more energetic the main stream rock n roll, developed in New York and London with groups like Blondie, Ramones, Patti Smith and Sex Pistols. In the 1980’s Rock music and MTV which debuted in 1981 hit the scene. Madonna and Michael Jackson popularize MTV with Material Girl and Thriller. The passionate Reggae music of Bob Marley gained acceptance after his death in 1981. Rap Music gain acceptance in the e1980’s when Run DMC collaborated with Aerosmith in their hit – Walk This Way in 1986. Rap remains popular today. In the 1990 Teen pop dominated the rock music with group like Back street Boys, New Kid on the Block.

How will this class help me upon my release:
This class provides me with lots of knowledge that pertains to the geriatric community. This is also a good training tool for me to teach, tutor and mentor the geriatric community when I volunteer my service upon my release.