Choon Yong-ACE Class Report-Geography Benelux Cities: Paris, Amsterdam and Brugge

Author of Book: Instructor: Rick Steves
Date Read:

Book Report

ACE Class Report – Geography Benelux Cities: Paris, Amsterdam and Brugge
Begin: 12/1/2023
Finish: 2/02/2024
Title: Geography Benelux Cities: Paris, Amsterdam and Brugge
Instructor: Rick Steves

Why I choose to take this class:
This is a geography class about the Benelux Cities of Amsterdam, Brugge and Paris. This class broadens my prospective of Europe and improves my critical thinking skills.

What I learned from this class:

Paris is the capital and largest city in France. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Lovely gardens and parks and historic squares lie throughout Paris, and chestnut trees line the city’s famous avenues. At night, flood lights shine on many of Paris’s magnificent palaces and monuments. The gleaming beauty of Paris has given it the nickname City Of Lights.

Every year, millions of tourists visit Paris to see its famous buildings, to walk its beautiful streets, and to enjoy its restaurants, sidewalk cafes, theaters, and night clubs. Visitors flock to the Eiffel Tower, known through the world as the symbol of Paris. The artistic treasures of the Louvre, on of the world’s largest art museums,and the admired the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Paris lies 107 miles Southeast of the English Channel. The Seine river curves through Paris. The city was founded more than 2000 years ago on an island in the Seine – Lle De La Cite (Island of the City). The Champs Elysees is Paris’s most famous avenue. It is lined with beautiful gardens and rows of Chestnut trees at the Western end of Champs Elysees stands the Arc De Triomphe (Arch of Triumph). Napoleon I started building this huge stone Arc as a monument to his troops in 1806. It was completed in 1836. At the Eastern end of Champs Elysees is the place De La Concorde )Square of Peace). it includes the Obelisk of Luxor, a stone pillar from Egypt, it stands 75 feet high. During the French Revolution, a Guillotine stood in the Place De La Concorde. In the Champ De Mars stands the Eiffel Tower. This world famous symbol of Paris rises 984 feet. The Louvre Palace, one of the largest palace in the world extends 1/8 mile on the Seine. The palace houses one of the largest art museum. The modern entrance, the glass pyramid was added in 1980’s by I.M. Pei. The Cathedral of Notre Dame, stands on the Lle De La Cite and it is known for its majesty and stone carvings. The University of Paris dates from the 1100’s.

The city’s name means Dam of the Amstel and refers to a Dam built there in the 1200’s. Amsterdam is the national capital of Holland but the seat of the government is at the Hague. The city lies on marshy land slightly below sea level. Most of its buildings stand on large wooden or concrete piles driven into the soggy ground. More than 100 canals criss cross the city and help drains the land. The canals and attractive buildings help make Amsterdam one of Europe’s most charming cities, including the famous Red Light District.
Amsterdam’s major cultural attractions include the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s principal Art Museum, The Stedelijk Museum, a municipal museum of Modern Art and The Van Gogh Museum.

Its name in Flemish is Brugge. The city lies 55 miles Northwest of Brussels. The city’s most important products includes lace, textiles, and metals. Breweries and Distilleries, shipyard and tourism. The name of the ancient town means city of Bridges. Many bridges cross the network of canals flowing through Bruges. Buildings dating back to the middle ages, and beautiful carvings and paintings of the buildings, attract visitors to the city. the market hall was built in the 1300’s. Bruge was founded in 865. From 1240 to 1426, Bruge was one of the most important cities in all of Europe, it traded with the Hanseatic league and Venice.

How will this class contribute to my success upon release:
This Geography class with contribute to my analytical and critical thinking skills. These skills and knowledge learned will be convey to others when I volunteer my services to the communities.