Choon Yong-ACE Class Report-Ethics

Author of Book: Coastline Community College
Date Read: September 8, 2023

Book Report

Begin: 8/4/2023
Finish: 9/8/2023
Title: Ethics
Author: Coastline Community College

Why I chose to take this class:
This is an Ethics class. Hopefully I gain some insight on how to behave in difficult situations. How to make sound decision in times of crisis without violating the law.

What I learned from this Class:
Ethics is a branch of philosophy that attempts to help understand which ways of life are worth following and which actions are right or wrong. Ethics address questions of right or wrong using reason rather than faith or tradition. Some ethical theories seem complicated, but they are simply attempts to settle issues that we think about. We think about these issues because we find ourselves faced with a tough decision. Ethics tries to introduce order into the way people think about life and action. Ethical theories aim to bring order into ordinary thinking by telling us which of our conflicting ideas apply to what we should do and which ones do not apply to what we should do and which ones do not apply. Ancient ethics is a theory of normal life, while modern is a theory of life in crisis. Modern ethics tries to help us decide reasons are important or fundamental and which are less important or not valid at all.When people face a critical choice, they hesitate between courses of action, they might do. There are considerations of benefits and obligations. It is difficult to give equal importance to both obligations and benefits. modern ethical theory is roughly divided in to school of thought: 1) Deontology and 2) Teleology. Deontology holds what really matters, ethically, is what your obligations are. Teleology claims that what really matters is which actions or policies would be most beneficial to people. What can ethics do for us? People still lack answers to such questions as ” how should I live” and ” What should I do?” Such questions probably ask too much of ethics. It might help us think clearly and critically about our values, and to decide whether we need to develop better ones. That is probably a process that never ends.

How will this class contribute to my success upon my release:
This class gave me a lots of knowledge about ethics and different perspective of Deontology and Teleology. It will help me thick clearly and critically of my values when faced with life crisis. It will help me avoid crucial mistakes in my life after my release.