Choon Yong-12 Essential Scientific Concepts

Author of Book: Professor Indre Viskontas
Date Read: October 19, 2023

Book Report

Begin: 9/5/2023
Finish: 10/19/2023
Title: 12 Essential Scientific Concepts.
Author : Professor Indre Viskontas
University of California, San Francisco

Why I chose to read this book:
This book is about the mysteries of Science. Understanding the mysteries and the knowledge form this book will enrich our lives and reduce sufferings. How science will be used to change the world. This book will help further my knowledge of Science.

What I learn from this book:
There is still a lot we still don’t know at all and what is left to discover. Scientists spend their lives exploring the unknown not to confirm what we now take for granted as the truth and many of the established concepts retain their mystery. Some enigmas to consider:

  • Massive objects distort time, not just space.
  • Light is made up of particles, but behaves as waves.
  • A percentage of your DNA comes form virus, your DNA changes as you age.
  • Your body contain microbial cells besides human cells.
  • Much of what you see with your eyes is made up by your brain.

The beauty for science is that with each question that is answered, many more questions are raised, each discovery helps us develop more refined queries about the world around us. Instead of reducing the wonders of the world to dull, boring facts, science illuminates and enhances them, by deepening our appreciation of the world’s complexity and nature of human experience and fueling our senses.
We look at fundamental scientific concepts and how they have made our lives better and we still hope to learn more. Understanding of light led to development of laser technology, decoding the human DNA has launched era of personalized medicine an both discoveries has offered opportunities that we have begun to explore. We looked at the very essence of life, the origin of the diversity of life from the perspective of evolution and genetics. We examine the world’s most complicated and powerful organ: the modular and malleable brain.