Thank You

We appreciate you for supporting our mission. We will continue working hard to improve outcomes for all justice-impacted people. Please watch out for our newsletter to learn more about how we’re making an impact on helping people in jails and prisons prepare for law-abiding, contributing lives upon release.

Use of Funds for Contributions:

  • The Earning Freedom Corporation will use all contributions through this platform to distribute books to people in prison, or to maintain the Prison Professors Talent website. Anticipated use of funds includes distributing books to justice-impacted people in prison and matching institutional orders.
  • Earning Freedom will purchase and distribute books at a 30% discount to the price featured in our bookstore.
  • All excess resources will go toward the general operating expenses of our advocacy efforts, including travel to make presentations in prisons or for advocacy initiatives and maintaining profile pages to help people in prison prepare for success upon release from prison.
  • Please follow our progress through our published writings on this website. The Michael Santos profile shows our work through journal entries.
  • If you have any questions about the contribution, please contact Michael Santos at 949-205-6056 or email