Release Plans: Albert Glenn Hudson

Release Plan

Albert Glenn Hudson Release Plan Template

 Identifying Information:

  • Name: Albert Glenn Hudson Jr. 
  • Date of Birth: 09-11-80
  • Today’s Date: 09- 05-2022
  • Sentence length: 48 months
  • Begin in prison: 01-05-2023
  • Projected release date: 
  • Projected days in prison:


  • Driver’s license 
  • Social security card 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Insurance Card

Support Information:

Letter from employer: see below

Letter from primary support: see below

Letter from Employer:

January 3, 2023

  Dear Glenn,

Major Moves Boxing and Fitness is pleased to offer you a full-time position to be the lead trainer and boxing coach. We would like you to be the director of training and development of our Boxing and Fitness Program in Sherwood, AR.

With this role, we would expect you to facilitate growth of members to the facility across all age groups. You would direct other coaches and trainers on how to be proficient at training and coaching boxers, and develop a program that streamlines the process for other coaches to be better boxing coaches, or for those interested in becoming a boxing and fitness coach and having their own facilities.

Your duties will include recording audio files for programming, writing workouts for different class types, publishing content on social media platforms, and doing bi-weekly metric measurements on membership growth both organically and inorganically through the teaching coach’s platform. You will also be the contact person for our online store business for merchandise if anything is needed. You will set the trainers hours, and schedule trainers for who is teaching each class offered weekly.

In your role as director, you can work a portion of your responsibilities remotely for all digital responsibilities. You will set your hours needed to be in the gym for training and coaching. We have high expectations of visibility and follow through. You will work 40 hours per week. We will pay you $300 per week upon your acceptance. We will pay you through our QuickBooks Payroll either weekly by direct deposit. We would like you to begin this role as soon as you return home after your time is served with the Bureau of Prisons. This letter can be updated to reflect your return home, but is a standing offer upon your return.

Your employment with Major Moves Boxing and Fitness on behalf of Amber’s Boxing and Fitness Concepts LLC is a contract that wil

guarantee your employment and immediate hiring to begin work your first day back in the community. Please confirm your acceptance of this offer by signing and returning this letter.

Major Moves Boxing & Fitness: 14717 Highway 107

Jacksonville, AR 72206 (p) 501-234-3044

Wife Support Letter:

Dear Warden,

My name is Amber Hudson. I’ve been married to Albert Glenn Hudson Jr. for just over 13 years. Glenn is a wonderful husband, father, and is the strength of our immediate and extended family. I am writing to express my sincere and unconditional support for my husband Glenn Hudson.

I am an integral part of his release plan, and I want to assure your staff, and the Bureau of Prisons of the many ways that I commit to supporting Glenn through his term on Home Confinement, Supervised Release, and his recalibration with society and our community.

Glenn began working on his release plan in August of 2021 months ahead of his surrender date of January 5, 2023. Glenn’s release plan truly dates back to 2019 after the investigation and when he plead guilty to one count of Conspiracy to the Anti-Kickback Statue. Glenn began doing intense reading of books in which he now has a very impressive library. He’s read books on philosophy, self-help, mind science, spirituality, public speaking, speed reading, critical thinking, and others. One of his favorite books in which he has given numerous copies to many people including me is the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. I personally saw and continue to see the positive changes in Glenn’s mindset, acceptance of the crime he committed, and the day to day work he put in on rebuilding himself to be a better husband, a better Glenn, and just a very beautiful person to everyone.

Glenn is I think one of the top boxing and fitness trainers in the country. I met Glenn while I was taking a boxing fitness class back in 2009 where he was teaching while he was still competing in boxing. My husband made a bad business decision in 2015 which he holds a lot of regret from. His regret was not only because of the implications that followed with Federal law, and the impact is has and continues to have on our family, but also to the men and women he coaches and trains in his daily work.

While incarcerated, Glenn has pledged to follow a three-part plan.

1: Participate in as many programs while incarcerated as possible to learn good life skills and document his journey every step of the way for rehabilitation purposes.

2: Grow a positive support network of mentors and be held accountable for his actions and trajectory in his career.

3: Create meaningful social contributions to tell his story in an effort to prevent others from making the mistakes he made. 

Based on Glenn’s efforts done before his voluntary surrender, Glenn has already made extraordinary and compelling leaps and built a massive support network that includes thousands of people that know his story, and can benefit from not only his mistakes, but his attitude and efforts in rebuilding himself and restoring people’s belief in him and his work.

Glenn has income opportunities awaiting him, including an offer to be the Director of the boxing and fitness program at Major Moves Boxing and Fitness in Sherwood, AR, and he has my wholehearted support. I actually started this business over 4 years ago because of my belief in him and his talents. My husband did really well working here, but was always a little held back because he had to get his sentence behind him to move forward and truly showcase what he can do.

Glenn and I married on April 14, 2010 on the beaches in Negril, Jamaica. With Glenn’s work first in the field of pharmaceutical and medical device sales, I was able to finish school and earn my Bachelor of Arts Degree. With his support, I’ve been able to start my home design business where I have built and designed many homes for clients and friends. I currently work in the medical field in medical device sales with the dream of walking away and building and designing homes full time. I now earn more than $125,000.00 per year and will support Glenn financially while he transitions to society. I will cover our household living expenses. I will ensure the Glenn remains on our medical and dental insurance. I will ensure Glenn has his transportation to ensure he complies with all appointments and responsibilities defined by the Bureau of Prisons.

We have registered and insurance on both vehicles if Glenn is allowed to drive. Glenn will provide updated insurance card to verify proof of insurance. If Glenn isn’t permitted to drive, I will transport him from the prison to the Residential Reentry Center and all appointments as directed. We have a stable home with our two children. We live in a neighborhood called Miller’s Crossing in Sherwood, AR and minutes away from his place of employment. Our son Major Hudson is 11 years old, and our daughter Maverick Grace Hudson is 7 years old.

In closing, I give my full support for my husband Glenn.  My cell phone number is 501-837-5577 if any additional information can be provided for assistance. 

Vehicle: Car

  • 2011 
  • BMW 
  • Insert License: AJH 79D : Picture below

Registered Owner: Wife Amber Hudson

Insurance: State Farm Insurance. Card below


Describe housing situation: We have lived in a house my wife Amber Hudson  and her former business partner built since 2018. My wife Amber is the owner of the residence. My wife Amber, and our 2 kids Major Hudson and Maverick Hudson will reside in the home with us located at 1625 Creekview Drive. Sherwood, AR 72120

  • Who will live in the house: Wife: Amber Hudson Myself: Glenn Hudson Son: Age 11. Major Hudson Daughter: Age 7. Maverick Hudson
  • Confirm that you’ve installed a landline: Yes
  • Confirm that the house is in a low-crime area: Yes, also within 1.3 miles of Sherwood, AR  neighborhood police department. 
  • How will you meet household expenses? My wife Amber Hudson will support financial needs upon my release. My wife makes $125,000.00 annually, and I have a job to start my first day back in society that will pay may initially $300 per week.
  • How will living in the house contribute to your successful reentry?

I will be able to provide financial and emotional support for my wife and children. My son and daughter are both very active in school and sports. Me being in the household allows me to help my wife with the children’s  homework, development in activities they participate in, and being physically present to be a provider and a witness to others what is possible with an effective plan after being incarcerated. Me being in the household provides balance and aids in mental health to inspire me to not give up on my goals and dreams for success. 

  • How can unit team and RRM have assurance that you’re welcome to live there?

My wife has written the support letter above giving her wholehearted support of wanting me to be home to assist me with her support as I finish my time owed to the BOP.

She is also my employer who has hired me to be the director of training and coaching of a business she owns. My wife Amber has very high expectations and accountability measures for me succeeding in my role. Me being in our house hold together as a family aids in cohesiveness as a family and business unit and needed for my success. Anyone can also call my wife and verify my welcoming to our home and conduct any necessary interviews before my release for verification. 

Medical/Mental Health/Dental:

  • What plan do you have in place to cover medical needs?

I currently have my medical needs covered through Aetna insurance for health, dental, vision, and full medical coverage. The insurance card is provided above and I will provide an updated copy to show the coverage is still in place upon release. 

Substance Abuse Counseling / Treatment:

  • If you participated in RDAP, describe how you anticipate participation with the aftercare component?

I will have the ability to have my wife take me to all community based treatments if I am allowed to participate in the RDAP program. If I’m allowed to drive as I will have transportation and full coverage insurance, I will be able to continue community based treatments with my wife agreeing to take me, or me driving myself. 

Family Situation:

·  Describe your family situation, including:

  • Do you have custody or visitation established with children?

I am married to my wife Amber Hudson since April 2010, and both of our children will be in our household with us having full custody.

  • Is family counseling necessary?

Yes. We currently participate in couples and children therapy for our kids. We have done counseling pre-surrender to help our children process me being away. We will continue to do this upon my return home to help them transition and deal with the emotional impact and pain caused by my departure. My wife and I do separate couples’ therapy which has helped us a lot and will continue to do therapy sessions upon my return. 

  • How have family responded to the sentence?

It has been very emotional, but overall very positive. I’ve not kept my wife in the dark over my situation,  and both sides of our families have known about my situation since the very beginning. I was always open with my wife and family about everything even before my plea agreement. Not having the big surprises has helped my family respond in a very supportive way all the way around. 


  • Describe your educational credentials:

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Henderson State University in       Arkansas. I graduated in the Fall of 2003. I was a high school Science teacher and Coach in Dallas, TX until 2005. I began my Master’s Degree in Education at the University of Arlington, TX, but didn’t complete. 

I am a USA Boxing Certified  Coach with the highest rating and success amongst fighters. I coach and train boxers in both amateur and professional boxing. 

I was a USA National Boxing Team Coach in 2022 representing the Mid-South Region of the country where we took 5 National Titles with our fighters. 

I am certified in SafeSport which is the organization used to train coaches on the do’s and don’ts in the parameters of safe coaching of athletes. I’m also a certified fitness training coach through USA Boxings Certification Program.  


  • Job skills and training you have:
    • Teacher: Previously taught high school science at Duncanville ISD after college
    • Sales: Certified in SPIN Selling by C.R Bard Inc. SPIN selling teaches addressing the situation, the problem, implication questions, and then providing a need payoff for the solution.
    • Certified in CHALLENGER Selling by Myriad Genetics Inc. CHALLENGER SELLING teaches to tailor the customer needs and take control of the process to help reluctant buyers make decisions. 
    • Directing Operations of business
    • Digital Marketing 
    • Coaching
    • Fitness Training
    • Business Planning
    • Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel
  • Job skills and training you need: 
    • Accounting/Bookkeeping Skills
    • Trading/Brokerage Skills
  • Job placement status: TBD
  • Special skills you’ve developed or have: TBD

Financial Obligations:

  • Detail your financial status
  • Detail your contribution to financial responsibility:

I plan on receiving approximately $400 per month on my account while incarcerated. I would like to have $100 per month allocated toward my financial responsibility plan.

  • Course participation during imprisonment: TBD
    • Detail projects you’ve participated in and the way that they relate to your risk assessment survey.

Post release Support System:

  • Describe services you can access for support, if appropriate
  • Weekly therapy sessions for mental health and support
  • Weekly AA meeting live or via zoom. I’ve already been doing weekly AA meetings prior to my surrender date. 
  • Family: Wife, mother, father, in laws, co-workers, close friends who hold me accountable. 

Reentry Accountability Plan:

  • Describe ways that you’ve introspected on risk factors: TBD
    • My self-defeating behavior that blocks my success include: TBD
    • My behavior goal to address my issue is: TBD
    • My action plan to meet the above goal is: Target completion date / completion date
    • Accountability metrics: TBD

Books I will read and do reports on and send to my case manager and probation officer monthly

Booklist To Read and Report to Team Lead Probation Officer

  1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  1. The Prosperity Bible by Napoleon Hill
  1. Earning Freedom! Conquering a 45 Year Prison Term by Michael G. Santos
  1. The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie
  1. The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Charles Murphy
  1. Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
  1. Complete Book Collection by Neville Goddard
  1. The Law of Success in 16 Lessons
  1. YouTube Secrets Updated 2nd Edition by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis
  1. Start Writing Your Book Today by Morgan Gist MacDonald
  1. One Million Followers by Brendan Kane
  1. Muhammad Ali, The Untold Story by Dr. Abuwi Mahdi
  1. The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Abraham Hicks
  1. Ask & It Is Given by Dwayne Dyer
  1. 5 Lessons by Neville Goddard
  1. Creating Success by Deepak Chopra
  1. Success!! After Prison by Michael Santos
  1. Mega Speed Reading by Kevin Trudeau
  1. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  1. Interpretation on Scripture by Neville Goddard
  1. A New Earth by Eckart Tolle

Completion of Plan:

  • Discuss the board of advisors with whom you’ve gone over the plan.

Case Manager / Counselor Information:

  • Facility name:
  • Housing Area:
  • Case Manager Name:
  • Counselor Name:
  • Work Detail:
  • Work Detail Supervisor: