Journal Entry: William David Kragthorpe-11/04/2023

Journal Entry

So often Michael Santos talks about having a support network of people that can influence our futures. I’m finding that that is absolutely true! I have to mention someone that has been so vital for helping me with so many things as I began this journey a little over a year ago, that person is my ex-wife. I have been so fortunate to have her on my side as we have become such good friends, best friends, I don’t think that many people can say that about their exes, but it has taken a tremendous amount of work for us to get to this point. She has committed herself to seeing me succeed and I believe that finally, her dream for me is probably going to come true.

I should add that she is remarried and has a wonderful 3-year-old boy. Her demands of being a mother and a wife that utilizes so much of her time and energy, she has still been able to find the time, energy and love for me as well. Of course, this goes even deeper, with her husband being supportive as well. Without his blessing and trust in her, we would never be able to be friends like we are.
I realize not everyone in here may have someone like this but most people in here have someone that helps them or has some care for them. I believe thought that these relationships take a high level of communication and effort without that things will not cultivate. I continue to take this approach of hard work and a wanting to grow in my friendship and business relationships as a future pillar to strive for in my life. Having these relationships and watching them grows gives me great satisfaction and is a measure of how far I have grown in my commitment to change. In closing my ex-wife is one of the most amazing people that I know. I love her and appreciate all of the things that she has done for me, most importantly being a friend and believing in me!