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Journal Entry

A friend sent me my mother’s book, “The Bones of the Bible,” which I recommend to everyone to get and read. My Mother and my Father, two of the smartest people I know, and my mom the writer. Her book and the impact that reading through this book is having on me is beyond being therapeutic, it’s a lesson of hope and faith, that comes from a very deep place. I’m so very grateful for this book and to be able to read her words and apply her words to my life. How life plays out can be very strange, but to give up is not a part of the plan, and one thing I learned from all of my family is to never do that!

I get that not making judgments on people or ideas is a simple task, it’s extremely hard to not make judgments, but just try to set aside those thoughts and have faith in life and people. Being able to do that is a powerful and humble experience! I hope that as life plays out that I can experience and share in some of the people’s lives that I have missed out over the years. Not only family or relatives, but friends as well. Even while I have been in here, that has started to happen, and I’m so very happy and grateful for those people in my life that share my hopes and dreams with me, as i share them back with you. Thank you to you, and you know who you are!! So, these are some of my goals and something I will continue to strive for!