Journal Entry: William David Kragthorpe-02/18/2024

Journal Entry

I’m so happy to be writing this evening. I have started hearing from a few people that I have a little following. I’m not sure how that makes me feel. This has been an intimate place for me to write and now it is becoming more public. Well if what I write may open other’s hearts or minds too becoming better people or understanding that life is a difficult process, than I hope I can have some influence on them. Welcome into a glimpse of what my life has become because of the bad decisions that I made. Would I do things over, of course I would, but that is not reality, so I will continue to write about the not so good things in here and about the good things, the small accomplishments and achievements that I try to achieve to just get me back on a level playing field with the rest of the world.

Since I can’t do things over but I can work towards good and better things that is what I will continue to do. That brings me to a thought that my Dad said to me, he said “Bill there are no do-overs in life,” that saying from him never stops reverberating in my head. Which brings me back to the idea and thinking that things can always be better, but it takes work and dedication to achieve that. All of the effort it took me to get here I use that to get out of here better than I ever could have imagined was a possibility.
So, every once in a while some really good things happen, or in other words I have a good day! As I write that, I think how many guys in here can say that? Gratitude is an amazing feeling, and I believe it allows an individual to be free to live their life without anger, hostility or unhappiness.

So let me explain why today was such a good day, because it is so pertinent to being successful in this place. I received my final grade in the Pest Management Program from Purdue University with an A. As well, I finished my fifth class from the local community college with all A’s. So as of a couple of weeks ago I’m now taking three classes from the local community College nd two classes from State University. I will not give up on myself or my family or friends. I will leave this place better and healthier that ever. Good and positive change can happen but it does take work and discipline. As well, my objective is to get out of here and do something for the better of this world. Thank you to everyone that continues to support me and believe in me!

William Kragthorpe