Journal Entry: Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Journal Entry

Breaking Barriers: Entrepreneurship as a Pathway to Freedom

Entrepreneurship is more than a means to financial independence; it’s a powerful tool for social change. My journey from incarceration to becoming an entrepreneur is a testament to this. Through entrepreneurship, I’ve been able to pursue my passion for reforming sentencing and prison policies, demonstrating that business can be a force for societal transformation.

Entrepreneurship: A Catalyst for Change

In my book, “Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Sentence,” I discuss the strategy of using entrepreneurship as a pathway to freedom. This isn’t just about personal liberation; it’s about creating systems that enable others to earn their freedom through merit. By building businesses, I generate the financial resources necessary to fund our nonprofit, the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation. This, in turn, allows us to gather data and insights to advocate for necessary reforms in sentencing and prison policies.

The Power of Financial Independence

Financial independence through entrepreneurship provides the leverage to influence and enact change. It’s not just about having the means to support oneself; it’s about having the resources to support a cause. By channeling business profits into our nonprofit, we can make a more significant impact in the fight for justice and reform. Further, I can show others that I’m making a commitment to a project I believe in. Through transparency, other business leaders contribute financial resources, too. It’s the way that we fund Prison Professors Talent and the way that we distribute books to people in prison.

Joining Forces for Greater Impact

We invite everyone to become a part of our community. Collaboration amplifies our efforts and brings us closer to achieving our goals. Together, we can work towards creating a more equitable and just system.

Our Course: A Stepping Stone to Entrepreneurship

Our course, “Preparing for Success after Prison,” is designed to equip individuals with the skills and mindset needed for entrepreneurship. It’s a pathway to not only personal success but also to becoming a part of a larger movement for change.

Invitation to Participate: Share your entrepreneurial journey or aspirations with us at By including “Request a Book” in your email subject line, you can access resources like “Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Sentence” and others, subject to our nonprofit’s resources.

Books to Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Journey:

  1. Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Sentence
  2. Success after Prison
  3. Prison! My 8,344th Day
  4. Release Plan 2024
  5. Preparing for Success after Prison

Challenge: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Task

We challenge you to think like an entrepreneur. Identify a problem you are passionate about solving. Develop a basic business idea that could address this problem. How can your business contribute to societal change? Share your ideas with us and let’s explore how entrepreneurship can be a pathway to freedom and reform.


Entrepreneurship is not just a career choice; it’s a pathway to breaking barriers and achieving freedom, both personally and for others. At Prison Professors Talent, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to drive change and reform. Join us in this journey of transformation and empowerment.


Michael Santos
Founder, Prison Professors Talent