Journal Entry: Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-07/28/2023

Journal Entry

Journal day 1498
I’ve built business relationships over the ten years that I ran my Dump Truck Company. I plan to use as many of those relationships to start monetizing my success. My plans are open-ended and will need to be tweaked along the way because things never stay one way. Companies are sold, go out of business, and some will have an issue with me being a felon. The advantage I have is that I know which companies and people won’t work well with a felon but I’ve already established a report with these people which will allow me different opportunities than just any random felon. I know that money is the motivator of anything American so I know that the businesses that I made millions with will work with me based on my ability to create opportunities for growth and make them come to fruition. I am an excellent project manager and great at talking to others. All of my sub-contractors voluntarily paid me 15 percent to find projects and run their trucks daily along with mines. I plan to work directly with my contractors in a management position to build my driver network backup. Opportunity is everywhere when it comes to construction work. I must develop a list of the companies that I plan to work with. I know this list will change over time as I get closer to my release date but I have to start the list to know where my plan must start. Laying the foundation is the first part of building anything effective. I will create and adjust this list based on the validity and strength of relationships with those that I plan to reach out to.