Journal Entry: Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-09/03/2023

Journal Entry

Day 1534

This week posed a few roadblocks to my plan of continuing education while incarcerated on the dime of the government. I spoke with the guidance counselor several times this week about the types of programs that I was considering to take for furthering my education. The day after meeting with the Guidance Counselor we had a short discussion that concluded that financial aid for us is not available for inmates that already have a bachelor’s degree. It didn’t make any sense to me either so I went back to the drawing board and vetted a list with more schools that also included other alternative choices for education. I know that there are obstacles and this was one of the first ones that I have encountered while on this journey. I plan to look over the available certificate programs and some of the free ones that specialize in working with incarcerated individuals. I will also fill out the FASFA form when they begin taking admissions for approval for financial aid. That rule may not be in effect anymore because the federal prison system stopped this program years ago and hasn’t updated the BOP yet. I plan to continue to push forward with my endeavors. The plan will continue to have legs but the direction will have to shift slightly to course correct.