Journal Entry: Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-08/22/2023

Journal Entry

Day 152

Today my plan was to start a new routine that allows me to get my day started a little earlier. I have decided that working out as soon as the doors open will allow me so much more time to work on my success plan. Right now I am working with my advocates outside to compile a list of master programs for schools of business that have mail-in correspondence. I have a handful of colleges, so far I have 20 but I need to be able to pick from a list of accredited universities that are highly sought after for their business program opportunities for networking and funding capabilities through connections within the program. The information that I have read so far about grad school business programs is that they all work with venture capitalists to support their students with their ideas to create new and innovative business ideas and help to start building a legacy right there before finishing schooling so that they can hit the ground running. I have already run businesses but it was based on common knowledge and no formula or process to have success. It was successful by my standards at that time but it allowed me to see the true growth potential for it. I know that with a little bit more knowledge and a process my idea of success would have been different. I plan to have a business instead of a job or hobby. Success in business to me, means that I am putting jobs in my community and creating residual income from the business and other investments. The knowledge that I plan to attain through this will allow me to help with other opportunities.