Journal Entry: Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-08/21/2023

Journal Entry

DAY 1523
I know that every moment of time that I am breathing is an opportunity for me to create more opportunities and to tweak and complete another step of my plan for success. Today I am refocusing and preparing my mind to start off this new week as a new opportunity to better myself in all of the areas that I have said that I am focusing on. I will begin with the education department this morning I will go and start the day tutoring other like-minded men to get their GED and advance their accomplishments. I will follow up with the phonics class with the men who are learning to read right here at Oakdale 1. Although around me is a whole lot of negativity and laziness, I can not lose focus on my goals because my goals are attached to others such as my kids as well as my mother and father. When I finish with class I will speak with my guidance counselor about opportunities for college and what schools have reached out to our program. Success is there for the taking for all who are willing to work to achieve it. Let us take the opportunity to do just that.