Journal Entry: Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-08/16/2023

Journal Entry

Day 1516

Today is another opportunity to create success for myself. This is a list of some things that I will do, or plan on doing. This is what success looks like for me.

  1. Build up my vocabulary
  2. Write a book
  3. Figure out how to be published
  4. Read and learn about selling real-estate
  5. Study options trading
  6. Read and learn how to secure funding for a New business
  7. Get my Master’s Degree in Business finance or management
  8. Find a school with programs geared toward entrepreneurship
  9. Build lasting relationships with like-minded people
  10. Start a plan for a new company
  11. Create a guideline for teaching financial literacy to those in low-income areas through a non-profit I create.

In order to do these things some will have their own steps in conjunction with this outline.

This week we have a guidance counselor in education that is there to help inmates fill out FASFA forms for financial aid to take courses. I have already begun working with her on figuring out when and how I can begin to go to college from inside her. These are my newly adopted guidelines that will continually change and grow and also need to be optimized the closer that I get to the door. Success is within reach if you want it.