Journal Entry: Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-08/10/2023

Journal Entry

Journal day 1510
My plan for success will include me reading many books that will help me sharpen my skills that will allow me to self-sustain upon my release. Before my incarceration, I had minor misdemeanors on my record that kept me from getting the type of employment that I was seeking. I took matters into my own hands and began a life that would lead me down the path to where I am now. I learned in college that working for others’ dreams is not worth doing for everyone. Some of us were meant to be the person creating those opportunities for jobs. In order to prepare myself I will learn all aspects of starting a business from scratch from venture capitalists to building a company. I will learn all of the tools that will enable me to have autonomy upon my release from BOP custody. I will put a detailed plan and list together and start to knock those items off of my list in the order of business operations.