Journal Entry: Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-08/09/2023

Journal Entry

Journal day 1509

I have already done my daily affirmation today and my workout this morning. Today I will continue to build towards success with my focus on the task at hand to sharpen my mind today by following up on my print media as well as continuing to read my next book which I will talk about in the next book report. Bill Barr’s “When Shit Hits The Fan,” is a great book and I enjoy learning the nuances of how they write policy and pass it. I never knew that so many lawyers were involved when it comes to policy and change. I won’t give up too much more information in this entry but look forward to me sharing about the book later on soon. I will continue to hold myself accountable and focus on building and not tearing down. I will be positive daily and the most important thing to note in prison is to not get sucked into someone else’s agenda. I will be vigilant in staying the course and remaining shot-free so that when the opportunity comes for me that I am prepared to take it and have done all that it takes to make it happen.