Journal Entry: Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-07/30/2023

Journal Entry

Day 1500
Today is a day of relationship building. I have four children and had them before I was incarcerated. I must maintain my bond through lines of communication in every format that they are available. I will talk to my children on the phone, write them letters, and email them on a daily basis. They will be my biggest advocates since they are my blood and came from me. I was a father that is very involved in his kids’ lives. We have done so many things together to enrich the life experience of my kids. I have taken them on vacation twice a year since they were born. They have been skiing and to the Grand Canyon. They have been to the Alamo and to Sea World. Success for me will be to have a great relationship with my children upon my arrival. I have already been to the football games and coached the team in the summer league. I just wanted to do it longer. I have two daughters and two sons, ages 13 for the twins and 20 and 16 for the other two. My plan will have to include my children or success will not be attainable. I have not seen my children in 3 years due to Covid 19 lockdowns. When my next team meeting comes back up I will make it known to get just a little closer to my family.