Journal Entry: Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-03/21/2024

Journal Entry

Today we just got off of a 5 day lockdown with no communication and it was a little bit draining but it’s a part of this journey. I remain optimistic and have been continuing to read and write daily. I have not worked on my financial plans as the Wall Street Journal is in the Library. I have been sharpening my vocabulary and reading a book called, “The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store.” I chose to read this book by James Mcbride because I want to see the structure of a novel and how it is put together. I have been reading countless books that are historical fiction and many other genres to get an idea of how different types of written word are structured and presented as a finished product. I hope that the knowledge that I attain from the reading of these materials will help me to create a best-selling title. I hope to one day become one of the authors that I aspire to read.