Journal Entry: Tammy Halling-12/24/2023

Journal Entry

I sit here realizing that time is a relative thing. You see another year is coming to a close. I eat the same foods day in and day out, every week of every year with no changes. Use the same shower, sit at the same table, work the same job every day. My life just goes on, and on, and on, with little to no change in it. After 20 years that’s the way life goes right?…wrong!

This year may have gone by faster than I would have liked and most of what I said above is true, but this year I have moved up in UNICOR to a grade 1 position, (used to make .24 an hour, now it’s $1.15). I no longer ask my family and friends for money because I can take care of myself for the most part…does that mean I don’t need them, no it doesn’t I just need them differently. I need their support, love, kindness, and forgiveness that they give me on a daily basis. It brings me peace, joy and happiness, something that is rare and precious…

I was given a sentence longer than my life expectancy…a sentence so long the Judge guaranteed my death in prison…I do not accept that fate…I fight it daily…I ask for your support…your love….your words of encouragement….your legal knowledge and facts only you can give….with your help I believe I may see the light beyond these grey and miserable walls….(even if our Warden painted colorful murals on several walls that are 20 feet tall!)

This season I wish for peace, and joy, and happiness for us all….I know not all of you celebrate Christmas….but I wish you those things in your life, today and always…..

In the next year, I will be starting school. I will be doing legal studies in Paralegal I and II, and Constitutional Law. I will graduate. I will continue to help as many people as I can, including myself….and God willing see the daylight…I asked several of you to write a letter on my behalf to the Pardon Attorney, if you have done so thank you. If you haven’t please do so, without showing that I have community support my application will have little to no effect….we have to do the work, even if it is God who will open their hearts.

Many Blessings