Journal Entry: Tammy Halling-12/27/2023

Journal Entry

So I started my day off at 530 am when my Bunkie got up and woke me up on my day off….no sleeping in my room apparently, even if you are on vacation….so the first thing I do is clean the sink out so I can wash my face….the first thought wasn’t of GOD to thank him for waking me up, but of “does she ever clean out the sink after brushing her teeth?”…. then its the apology thought for thinking that because overall it could be so much worse, and has been.

Today I am going over to the law library to do some typing on these compassionate releases. I want to get them out before the new year. Hopefully, the stuff I am working on will work for us all. It surprises me how much legal stuff I have learned over the years…but I tell you what, if I ever get back into court, I still wouldn’t be my own attorney, but they better know I sure and the hell will be assisting them, I will not be silent again. Silence and ignorance got me a sentence longer than my life expectancy…

Last night I made a chocolate-covered cherry cheesecake….and cut it into 1″ squares to share with people in my unit…who would have thought you could make something so delicious inside prison, now everyone wants my recipe…maybe I’ll share it with you first…..

Well I have to get into the monkey suit… mandatory to be in full dress uniform from 730 am to 4 pm…boots and all…wish I could sleep in though on my vacation days…

Hope you have a safe and blessed day,