Journal Entry: Tammy Halling-03/08/2024-Pack out

Journal Entry

I am packed out to go to a medical facility for “much-needed medical care.” Those are the exact words used by Captain Mosby who told me “I received your paperwork about 3 weeks ago, and you need to go get this medical stuff taken care of. When it’s taken care of then you can probably transfer to another facility.” But when I asked her “What medical stuff? Because your medical department hasn’t told me anything is wrong with me.” She told me “She couldn’t discuss that with me and that when I get to where I am going they will discuss it with me.” So I am flying blind, not sure what is wrong with me, and won’t know until I get to where I am going for “this much needed medical care” that I supposedly need. I will try and keep you updated but I don’t know if I will have email while traveling….